Celebrities You’ll Never Believe Are Turning 50

Joe Seer /

50 is 50. It’s the not the new 40, the new 30 or anything of the sort. Some people look no better than death warmed over at 50, but fortunately we have a slew of soon-to-be-50-years-old celebs who give us hope, and look amazing when crossing the half-century mark.

In the realm of who’s who turning 50, we’re considering all those celebs born in 1964. In March, the incomparable Elle Macpherson joined club 50, and celebrated by reminding us all that she looks better at 50 than most of us did at 19. There’s something to be said for continually investing in what led you to wealth and prosperity in the first place.

There are several celebrities who have, and will be joining Elle in the club this year, one of whom hopped into the mix on Saturday. Does she look 50? Act 50? Seem 50? If you were to speak to her, she would let you know that she has definitely lived 50 years, seen a lot, experienced a lot and at times, feels 50. But overall, this celebrity can and does still pass for far younger, especially considering the roles she takes.

Let us lift the shroud, and reveal… Sandra Bullock. The actress the insiders know as “Sandy” is adored by her peers, as well as her bosses. Alfonso Cuaron gushed about the actress during Oscar season, after working with her on Gravity, and actors who work with her rave about her youthful, infectious essence. So… take that 50. 50 just can’t be old anymore.

Building upon that statement, there are a few others who are rapidly approaching their 50th notch. One very recognizable celeb–from one of the most popular family sit-coms of all-time–is turning 50 today.

Wanna see who has made it a hobby to defy age? Check out the video below!


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