Grammy Awards 2018: 12 Most Disappointing Looks

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With every Grammy awards show comes a fashion commentary to follow, and most often this includes a list of the best and worst dressed! There is also another category, however, that is often undervalued, and that is the most disappointing looks of the evening. These fashion moments include the looks from our favourite stars who simply did them no justice or fell short of our high expectations. Last night’s Grammy awards definitely had a few looks that fell into this category, so follow along as we recall 12 fashion moments that left us quite disappointed at the 2018 Grammy awards red carpet:

12. Kristin Cavallari

Former Laguna Beach star Kristin Cavallari has transitioned herself from a reality TV celebrity to a highly regarded fashion designer, which is why this Grammy awards look was disappointing for us! She undeniably looked sleek and sophisticated with this crisp white number, but we’re definitely confused about the reflective, sheer detailing around her waist! As a fashion designer, we’d hope that Cavallari would be able to spot a detail like this that totally takes away from her look and makes the dress appear slightly tacky.

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11. Maren Morris

Maren Morris is a sun kissed beauty, which is why her recent fashion mishaps have been all the more disappointing! Morris wore a similar sparkling style dress to the latest Country Music awards and it was not received well by fashion critics. Rather than going down the same path with these cutout, glitter numbers, we would have much preferred to see Morris shake things up and try something new for the Grammys!

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10. Rihanna

Rihanna is a fashion superstar and always takes risks with her looks, which is why we were quite let down to see that she skipped the red carpet portion of last night’s awards show! She did, however, appear on stage with Kendrick Lamar to accept an award so we still were able to catch a glimpse of her outfit. The look consisted of a shiny burgundy number that she paired with slouchy boots of a similar texture. This look didn’t totally convince us and she definitely looked a little stifled and uncomfortable being wrapped up in such a restricting material.

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9. Emmylou Harris

Emmylou Harris is undeniably a Grammy legend, but her look from last night definitely didn’t do her any justice! The 14-time Grammy winner stepped out wearing an embellished frock that simply drowned her in layers on layers. We can definitely appreciate tasteful embroidery, but this look simply had way too much going on! Luckily, this 70-year old legend was beaming from ear to ear all evening, so her underwhelming dress was easily overlooked.


8. Sarah Silverman

Fishnet tights have absolutely no place on the red carpet and we were quite disappointed to see Sarah Silverman attempting to rock them at the Grammy’s last night! The fishnets in combination with her combat boots seemed super casual and definitely dressed down her otherwise classy and simple little black dress.

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7. Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith’s look from the Grammy’s red carpet was a definite fashion miss last night! We appreciate fashion risks, but these patchwork plaid and denim pants were way too casual for the awards show, especially in combination with the chunky sneakers and puffer style coat. A look that was a little more tailored and sharp would have been much preferred on Jaden!

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6. Kesha

Kesha made jaws drop last night with her powerful version of “Praying” when she took the Grammy awards stage, however her outfit from the red carpet was definitely quite underwhelming! We love Kesha’s out of the box and wild style, but this look simply didn’t seem flattering or red carpet-worthy. The navy suit seemed to fall in all the wrong places and the glittering, cowboy-inspired booties didn’t pair well with the tailored look it seemed she was trying to achieve.

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5. Cardi B

Cardi B is eccentric in every sense of the word, which is why we had high expectations for her Grammy awards look this year! The dress she selected, however, didn’t seem to suit her style and left us feeling quite disappointed. The dress was undeniably bold, but it seemed quite foofy and overly girly for Cardi B’s edgy style. The combination of ruffles, tiers, and frills made for a cupcake-style dress that was not at all what we anticipated for the breakout artist!

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4. Alessia Cara

Alessia Cara is such a sweetheart, but we’re quite disappointed that she’s made a habit of opting for more casual looks at formal red carpet events! For last night’s Grammys, she stepped out wearing a simple suit and t-shirt combo which she topped with chunky white sneakers. We appreciate the undeniable risk, but definitely wish she had opted for something a little more formal, especially while receiving the honor of Best New Artist!

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3. Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey is absolutely stunning and could seemingly pull off even the most eccentric looks, but her dress from last night definitely left us feeling a little disappointed! The bold star opted for a shade of nude that seemed to wash out her skin tone and didn’t give her the star attention she undoubtedly deserves. We would have much preferred to see her in a rich jewel tone or soft metallic to flatter her fair complexion and dark locks.

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2. Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum definitely had a peak in her red carpet style these past few years; however, it seems that she has slightly fallen with her latest Hollywood looks. This sheer, black gown featured far too many cutouts and textures that it came across tacky and confusing. We can definitely appreciate the sex appeal of a cutout, jet black gown, but Klum’s look from the Grammy red carpet showed a little too much skin to pull the look off tastefully.

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1. Katie Holmes

Of all the red carpet fashion last night, we were definitely the most disappointed with Katie Holmes’ look! Holmes stepped out wearing an ankle-length dress made of an awkward leather material that was quite unexpected. In combination with her dress, her vintage style waves and dark smokey eye seemed to age her rather than flatter her. We would have much preferred to see Holmes in something a little softer and more glam!

Photo by Lionel Hahn/ABACAPRESS.COM

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