Grammy Awards: 20 Most Memorable Dresses Of All Time


For almost 60 years, the best and biggest names in the music industry have been honored at the Annual Grammy Awards. While the entire event is all about the music, it has also become one of the biggest nights for fashion in Hollywood. Over the many years of red carpet entrances, some dresses have stood out for all the right reasons, and while trends have changed drastically over the years, these stars knew exactly what they were doing to make a memorable statement! Here are 20 of the most memorable Grammy Awards dresses of all time.

20. Adele — 2013

Adele looked absolutely radiant at the 2013 Grammy awards where she stepped out in a show-stopping red number. The floral embroidered gown cinched at the waist and flattered her body flawlessly. The bold, embroidered print was just loud enough to make a statement yet still looked ultra feminine and chic. To prove just how much of a fashionista she is, Adele paired the look with coordinating crimson floral shoes. Typically we’d be opposed to wearing prints so similar, but Adele did so in a subtle and flawless way!

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19. Nicki Minaj — 2011

We’re definitely on the fence about whether Nicki Minaj’s cheetah print look from the 2011 Grammys was an applaudable risk or completely obscure, but nevertheless, it was memorable! Minaj rocked head to toe cheetah, even including the shoes on her feet and the patterns in her wig. We can definitely appreciate the art behind this, and with Minaj, we wouldn’t expect anything less than this bold look!

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18. Solange — 2017

Solange Knowles stepped out in a showstopping Gucci dress at the 2017 Grammy awards! The look was a definite statement with the exaggerated one-shoulder silhouette, thigh-high slit, pleating, and peplum detailing, but what truly made it stand out was the fact that the golden gown was completely different than anything we’d ever seen before!

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17. Kelly Rowland — 2013

Cutouts are a tricky look to pull off when it comes to the red carpet and there is a fine line between coming across tasteful or tacky. The jaw-dropping Georges Chakra gown that Kelly Rowland wore at the 2013 Grammy awards was definitely one of the riskiest cutout dresses we’ve seen and featured strategically placed geometric sheer designs throughout. The risque gown was undeniably a talking point at the 2013 Grammy awards, especially after CBS sent a memo advising celebrities to avoid sheer, see-through clothing. “It’s so funny! I thought about the dress code and thought about it again, and that’s about it,” Rowland joked at the time.

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16. Katy Perry — 2012

Katy Perry is the ultimate fashion chameleon and has transitioned her sense of style more than a few times throughout her career. Her 2012 Grammys look was one of our ultimate favorites and definitely a peak in Perry’s fashion evolution! The powder blue Ellie Saab dress was completely covered in soft, sheer applique that was feminine yet still sultry. The choice of dress couldn’t have been better with her electric blue hair color at the time and her luminous makeup and pink lip definitely added a softness to the look.

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15. Rihanna — 2015

It would be impossible to forget Rihanna’s enormous Giambattista Valli gown from the 2015 Grammy awards! The poufy, Barbie pink dress was definitely bold, but we have to admit that Rihanna may be one of the only celebs who could pull off a statement look like this. The larger-than-life princess gown definitely stole the show that evening and is still an iconic fashion moment that fans reminisce about years later.

14. Kim Kardashian — 2015

Kim Kardashian’s Grammy awards dress from 2015 was definitely one of her most memorable looks ever! The 100 lb Jean Paul Gaultier gown featured embellished shoulders, a plunging neckline, and a glittering waist-cinching crystal belt. The intricate, glittering gown looked like a piece of art straight off the cover of Vogue and definitely made this Kardashian look like a glamour queen at the 2015 Grammy awards!

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13. Christina Aguilera — 2001

Christina Aguilera’s 2001 Grammy dress was definitely one of the riskiest looks we’ve seen at the awards show! The Trish Summerville gown featured a daring lace-up neckline and a super high slit down the front of the gown. She rocked major braids in her hair and a pair of unconventional yellow chandelier earrings. We’re not totally sure whether we love or hate this dress, but one thing for sure is no one could forget this Grammys fashion moment!

12. Carrie Underwood — 2012

Carrie Underwood’s head to toe sequined gown from the 2012 Grammy awards was one of the highlights of the evening. The show-stopping gown was sleek and sharp, but still intricately designed and luxurious! The simple gown featured a cutout along the back which Carrie allowed to shine by pulling her hair into an elegant and loosely quaffed updo.

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11. Whitney Houston — 1986

Whitney Houston was always a timeless beauty and she showed that off at the 1986 Grammy Awards. The ’80s were a wild time for fashion, but Houston kept it simple and elegant with a Greek Goddess-inspired sky blue Travilla dress with one bedazzled strap. From her elegant gown to her perfect hair and makeup, it was definitely one of the best Grammy fashion moments of all time.

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10. Paula Abdul — 1989

The ’80s and ’90s were the top of Paula Abdul’s career, and she made sure to look the part of a pop princess at the 1989 Grammy Awards. Her red carpet pick for the night embodied everything that was amazing about the ’80s. Abdul donned a black shimmering gown, complete with ruffled sleeves and an updo that could have also doubled as a ’80s prom look. She, of course, looked amazing, and the gown has become an icon of the 1989 Grammys.

Source: Access Hollywood

9. Naomi Campbell — 1991

In the early ’90s, supermodel Naomi Campbell was on top of the world, and she definitely made a fashion statement at the Grammy Awards in 1991. Campbell made sure to stand out with a mini dress complete with geometric shapes, multiple colors, and sparkling embellishments, and in doing so created one of the best Grammy Awards looks not only from the 90s but of all time.

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

8. Mariah Carey — 1996

By now, Mariah Carey fans are used to Carey’s over-the-top sexy and tight fitting looks, but back in 1996, she was still transitioning into her sex symbol status. Mimi looks almost unrecognizable back in 1996 in her two-piece ensemble with an embellished top and black sateen skirt along with a fresh face look. That night, Carey lost out on all six awards she was nominated for, but she was way before her time with her two-piece look which has become a huge fashion trend again in the past year.

Source: E! Online

7. Britney Spears — 2000

Everybody who grew up in the late ’90s and early 2000s loves looking back at those times which were the glory days of singers such as Britney Spears. At the peak of her career, Spears showed up to the 2000 Grammy Awards looking old Hollywood gorgeous in a white shoulder cut Randolph Dule gown matched with an Oscar de la Renta fur wrap. Spears look sophisticated yet sexy in definitely one of the best looks of her career.

Source: Us Weekly

6. Lady Gaga — 2010

For years, Lady Gaga’s trademark was to go completely out-of-the-box with her red carpet fashion which included the infamous meat dress at the MTV Video Awards. For the Grammys in 2010, Gaga stepped completely out of this world with a custom design by Giorgio Armani Prive. “I am delighted to be creating these outfits on such an important night for her, the Grammys, and I wish her the best of luck,” the designer said ahead of the show. While the outfit may not be “stunning” in the conventional sense, it is without a doubt one of the most memorable.

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5. Jennifer Lopez — 2011

Jennifer Lopez has never shied away from flaunting her amazing and toned figure, and while her 2000 Grammy Awards dress has gone down in history, her 2011 dress was also spectacular. J.Lo rocked a short and shimmering silver metallic Emilio Pucci dress. As if Lopez needed any help being eye-catching, this dress did the trick and was one of the most talked about looks of the night.

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4. Rihanna — 2013 

Over her years attending the Grammys, Rihanna has had both hit and misses, but one of her best was her 2013 Grammy Awards gown. The singer wore a custom-made Azzedine Alaia red dress which mastered the use of sheer cutouts way before they were popular, and Rihanna herself said the dress was “stunning” and loved the vibrant look which she made sure to match to both her lips and her nails.

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3. Beyonce — 2014

Beyonce has always stunned at the Grammys. From her days with Destiny’s Child to going solo, she has never failed to impress, and one of her best looks was at the Grammy Awards in 2014. Queen B wore a white and lace Michael Costello gown which sent everyone buzzing, and kept the buzz going for weeks afterward.

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2. Taylor Swift — 2015

2015 may seem like decades ago now to some, but at the time, high-low skirts and dresses were all the rage and when Taylor Swift showed up to the 2015 Grammys, she stunned everyone. Donning a shimmering perfect blue Elie Saab gown, jaws-dropped when Swift took the red carpet, and since it has only been two years, it is one of the gowns still freshly emblazoned in our memories.

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1. Jennifer Lopez — 2000

Of all the most iconic Grammy dresses, Jennifer Lopez’s look from 2000 has got to be one of the all-time most memorable! In all seriousness, this look is arguably one of the most iconic from any awards show ever. Many even claim that this dress inspired the creation of Google Image Search after it became the most popular search query Google had ever seen.

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