BAFTA Awards: 25 Most Disappointing Dresses Of All Time

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The annual British Academy Film Awards, more commonly known as the BAFTA’s, brings together the most elite stars from royals to actors to honor the best films of the year. Although the nominations and awards are a huge part of the anticipation, another side of the event surrounds the fashion and fabulous garments that float down the red carpet. There have undeniably been quite a few memorable gowns from the BAFTA’s, but unfortunately, there have also been a couple misses that left us confused. Follow along for 25 of the most disappointing dresses of all time from the annual BAFTA red carpet:

24. Rachel Weisz — 2019

We have to admit we didn’t love the dress worn by Rachel Weisz at the 2019 BAFTA Awards. A common fashion faux pas this year at the BAFTAs was large ruffles that overpowered the dress, and this was, unfortunately, the case with this look worn by Weisz. All the tiers and frilly ruffles made this look feel more like a costume than a red carpet look.


23. Viola Davis — 2019

As much as we love Viola Davis as an actress, we have to admit we were a little disappointed with her ensemble for the 2019 BAFTAs. The black dress was undeniably sleek, but the oversized white bow detail along the chest seemed to detract from the dress.


22. Lily Collins — 2019

Lily Collins had a fashion miss at the 2019 BAFTA Awards where she stepped out wearing a deep blue dress paired with a matching jacket. We were quite disappointed with this look since the jacket hid all the details of the dress. We would have much preferred if this look skipped on the jacket to allow the details of the skirt to shine.


21. Rachel Brosnahan — 2019

Rachel Brosnahan almost had a winning red carpet look for the 2019 BAFTA Awards, except for one detail detracted from her look –the oversized bow on the front! It felt unnecessary and took away from the stunning emerald satin dress, which is why we were quite let down by this look.


20. Margot Robbie — 2019

We had high expectations for Margot Robbie’s look at the 2019 BAFTAs, but we have to admit we weren’t the biggest fans. The ruffles on this dress seemed to resemble wings and simply felt like too much, especially in combination with all the glitter of the bodice.


19. Zawe Ashton — 2013

English actress Zawe Ashton stepped out at the 2013 BAFTA awards wearing a dramatic black dress that no one could forget. Unfortunately, we’re not sure this was for the right reasons! The dress had strange embellishment, especially around the hemline, which really detracted from the overall look.

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18. Jennifer Lawrence — 2013

As much as we love Jennifer Lawrence, the 2013 BAFTA’s wasn’t her finest fashion moment for one major reason: she left her coat on! Beneath her blazer was a beautiful Christian Dior Couture gown but she covered it up with a coat, which was a huge fashion faux pas and disappointment.

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17. Romola Garai — 2010

There are certain celebrity events that call for a full-length gown, and we believe that the BAFTA’s is definitely one of them. It seems that Ramola Garai missed the memo with the short cocktail dress she wore for the 2010 BAFTA Awards. We would have much preferred to see her in something a little more sophisticated and elegant for the formal occasion.

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16. Eva Green — 2007

Back in 2007, Eva Green won the Rising Star award at the BAFTA Awards. While she got well-deserved praise for her talent, she certainly didn’t in the fashion department. The star opted for a red high neck dress with heavy embellishment on the sleeves and neck. She also rocked excessively dark eye makeup and a messy updo which, unfortunately, made matters worse.

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15. Kelly Reilly — 2006

Actress Kelly Reilly stepped out at the 2006 BAFTA Awards wearing a purple skirt and top combo that we, admittedly, weren’t the biggest fans of. The look simply seemed disjointed and didn’t properly flow with the harsh contrast of the black sultry bodice and the feminine, floral skirt.

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14. Helena Bonham Carter — 2018

Helena Bonham Carter’s silk ruched dress for the 2018 BAFTA Awards wasn’t entirely awful, but her hair and bag were definitely quite questionable. We love the draping and luxe silk texture of her dress, but her unruly updo made her outfit appear across messy and confusing. To make matters worse, her handbag stood out for all the wrong reasons and the embroidered “Queen” logo made everything appear a little juvenile and tacky.


13. Allison Janney — 2018

Allison Janney rocked quite a few hit red carpet looks during the 2018 awards show season, which is why we were all the more disappointed that her BAFTA look was definitely not one of them. The awkward silver detailing along the bodice was completely bizarre and made her look appear like something that belonged in a museum rather than the red carpet.


12. Emily Blunt — 2017

Emily Blunt is quite unpredictable when it comes to her red carpet style and that was certainly the case with her 2017 BAFTA’s gown. The Alexander McQueen number was chaotic with all the heavy colorful embroidery paired with the black ruffled skirt. We would have much preferred to see Blunt wear something a little more whimsical and light.


11. Keira Knightley — 2015

Keira Knightley is an absolute beauty, but her look from the 2015 BAFTA awards was definitely not one of her best. The petite actress rocked a gown made of head-to-toe feathers and also featured a subtle floral print and a color-block design. We can definitely support a good feathered dress but this one seemed awkward on the star because it hit her at a strange length at the ankle and seemed distracting by having so much happening at once.

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10. Amy Adams — 2017

Amy Adams is typically sophisticated and polished on the red carpet, but her look from last year’s BAFTA’s was definitely underwhelming. The emerald number was quite square-cut and didn’t flatter her figure or hug her curves. The back also featured strange mesh cutouts and a giant bow detail which didn’t flow and seemed awkwardly placed.

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9. Michelle Williams — 2017

Typically stars opt for floor-length gowns at formal award shows, but Michelle Williams broke boundaries with her 2017 BAFTA look. Rather than the expected floor-skimming red carpet number, Williams stepped out in a mini dress with long sleeves. The garment featured silver sparkle detailing throughout and an embellished pattern on the bodice that featured a multi-color design. We’re not totally opposed to a strong cocktail dress on the red carpet, but unfortunately, this look wasn’t one of Williams’ best, especially in combination with the stark strappy heels.

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8. Martine McCutcheon — 2004

Love Actually actress Martine McCutcheon stepped out at the 2004 BAFTA awards rocking a full burgundy look that definitely turned a few heads. The shape of the gown didn’t seem to fit her body properly and should have been cut off at the smallest point of her waist rather than her hips. To make matters worse, the actress rocked a fur shawl around her neck which seemed a little more tacky than glamorous.

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7. Edith Bowman — 2012

Edith Bowman stepped out wearing quite the awkward garment at the 2012 BAFTA awards. Her look consisted of short trumpet sleeves and a flared skirt which hit her at an odd length above the ankle. We wish that the dress had more of a slim fit or cinched in at the waist to flatter her figure a little more. Aside from the shape, the silk gloves she wore pushed this even further into the most disappointing category.

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6. Alesha Dixon — 2009

English singer Alesha Dixon stepped onto the 2009 BAFTA red carpet in a gown that definitely made quite a few jaws drop. We’re all for a textured dress on the red carpet, but this look was simply a ruffled mess that she seemed to drown in. We would have much preferred to see a tighter bodice with delicate ruffle detailing along the skirt to show off her shape. For accessories, Dixon opted for oversized black tassel earrings and a pair of strange gloves that made the entire look even more bizarre.

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5. Lily Allen — 2014

English singer Lily Allen stepped out in a bizarre look at the 2014 BAFTA awards. We’re all for mixing unconventional colors and patterns, but the contrasting shades of orange and pink were too extreme. The bodice featured a strange V shape that made the garment come across tacky, especially in combination with the oversized orange bow on the back. To make matters worse, the star rocked a strange coral headpiece in her bow that didn’t seem to play off either of the colors on her gown.

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4. Melinda Messenger — 2007

Melinda Messenger could have used some fashion coaching before her BAFTA debut in 2007. Although the crisp shade of white was flattering against Messenger’s sunkissed skin, the actual texture of the gown was a huge fashion miss. The dress was crinkled and pleated in all the wrong places which looked quite messy and unpolished.

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3. Holly Willoughby — 2012

Holly Willoughby stepped out at the 2012 BAFTA’s wearing a dress that reminded us much more of prom look than one for an awards show. The bubblegum pink look was definitely sweet and feminine, but we would have preferred something a little more mature and sophisticated. The silver metallic belt and bedazzled bust simply felt overly juvenile and whimsical.

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2. Tess Dailey 2013

Tess Dailey went extreme with her look at the 2013 BAFTAs! The black gown featured beading, sheer paneling, and ruffles which all together felt quite chaotic. We love the powerful effect of a strong black dress on the red carpet, but we definitely would have loved to see Dailey in something a little more minimal and simple. Luckily, the pop of red on her lips and beachy waves added a much-needed touch of red carpet glamour.

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1. Naomie Harris 2017

At the 2017 BAFTA awards, Naomie Harris stepped out wearing a feminine, frilly dress that was quite disappointing. Harris is such a natural beauty that she still glowed, but we definitely wish she had opted for a gown a little more simple. The look featured a mauve bodice that was covered in ruffles and a pale yellow pleated skirt. We were fans of the soft color palette, but unfortunately, the chunky flowers at her waist definitely detracted from the elegance of this look.


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