12 Photos Beyonce Doesn’t Want You To See

Beyonce used to be pretty challenged when it came to fashion. For her first few years on the red carpet, she wore some of the most atrocious of outfits and so did her fellow group members of Destiny’s child. None of these women had any idea what they were doing when it came to fashion and it looks like Beyonce’s mom, Tina, was to blame. She was the one who was designing and sewing their ridiculous-looking outfits. We sure hope she has since fired her mom because fashion and family clearly doesn’t mix. Here are 12 photos that Beyonce would not want anyone to see!

Nickelodeon’s 14th Annual Kid’s Choice Awards – 2001

Beyonce made an epically bad fashion decision at Nickelodeon’s 14th Annual Kid’s Choice Awards. She and her friends from Destiny’s Child showed up looking like trampy girl scouts. We bet her mom Tina designed these outfits. They are so coordinated and it is all just so tragic. There could have easily been another ensemble choice for these three, but we’re guessing Tina couldn’t figure it out.

While Beyonce, Michelle and Kelly were definitely on every worst dressed list that night, their careers were on fire at this point, especially Beyonce’s. She landed a role on the MTV made-for-television film, Carmen: A Hip Hopera. The group’s third album, Survivor, was released and debuted at number one on the Billboard 200. Three of its singles, “Independent Women Part 1,” “Survivor” and “Bootylicious,” reached the top three in the U.S.; however, after this, Destiny’s Child went on hiatus, but not before they made a few more bad style decisions.

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 MTV Europe Music Awards – 2003
Back in 2003, Beyonce had officially set on her own as a solo artist with the release of her debut album Dangerously In Love, and as she became accustomed to walking red carpets on her own, she was still finding her individual style. While the gorgeous star can make a lot of unique looks work, her fashion choices for the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2003 were definitely not landing her on any best dressed lists.

Beyonce opted to show off her amazing figure in a black leather jumpsuit, which on its own probably would have not been too bad — it was the fur detailing that made the look so bad. The detailing took up three quarters of the sleeve and featured an entire neckline, and while early 2000’s fashion definitely had its questionable moments, the red carpet queen that Beyonce is now would not want everyone to reminisce on this particular choice.

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Grammy Awards – 2002

We’re happy to see that Beyonce and her girls decided to cover up a bit more for the Grammy’s; however, their outfits were still pretty revealing. Beyonce’s top is see-through. We can see clearly see her bra and her naval, which is just not classy. It seems as though Tina wants her daughter to get noticed more than Kelly and Michelle, so she makes sure to make her outfits more revealing. Michelle is the only one who looks like she isn’t giving it all away for free; however, she really needs get rid of those boots – they look witchy.

After this appearance, Beyonce began to make a name for herself as an actress and as a solo singer. She had roles in Austin Powers in Goldmember and The Fighting Temptations. She also released a solo album that same year, Dangerously in Love, which reached the top of the Billboard Charts.

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Houston Film Studios – 2001

In lat 2001, Destiny’s Child would announce its hiatus while its members pursued solo careers, and Beyonce spent the year gearing up for the big change and landing her first major acting role in MTV’s Carmen: A Hip Hopera which led to this photo call picture. From the graphic tank to the pinned detail in her skirt, everything about this photo is nowhere close to what Beyonce now would take part in but of course she wasn’t calling the shots as Queen B just yet.

One look at her elaborate and visionary photo shoot for the announcement that she was pregnant with her twins Rumi and Sir would let any Queen B fan know that she would be caught dead before wearing a graphic tank top posing on top of roadie equipment.

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Destiny Fulfilled Photocall – 2004

In 2004, Destiny’s Child reunited for one last album, “Destiny Fulfilled” and while a few years had passed and they had pursued solo projects, it seems their ability to coordinate outfits did not improve. This photo from their photocall for their reunion and final album is quite confusing. Beyonce stands out as the true “star” in the most eye-catching outfit and tons of jewelry. Meanwhile Michelle and Kelly look almost like fans who stopped in to meet her in their very ordinary outfits by comparison.

Once again, Beyonce’s hair and makeup and fabulous but from the neck down, she probably wishes this photo would just disappear. Matching jeans with such a revealing top is one thing, but it is the bejeweled calf-length boots that reveal just how long ago this picture was.

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Vibe Awards – 2003

Even without Destiny’s Child, Beyonce continued to make horrible fashion choices on the red carpet. At the Vibe Awards, she rocked this awful fuchsia dress. There are so many things wrong with it. We don’t even know where to begin. We hate the color and we really don’t like the cutouts. We get that she likes to show off her abs, but she really shouldn’t be doing it this way. There has to be a classier way to show some skin without looking like this.

The worse Beyonce’s fashion gets, the more successful she becomes. She embarked on her first solo tour in Europe in 2003, alongside Missy Elliott and Alicia Keys. We’re sure she made plenty of bad fashion decisions on stage, especially if her mother was the one styling her. It’s sweet that she wanted to keep everything in the family – her father was her manager and her mother was her stylist – however, her mother clearly wasn’t doing her any favors.

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Fashion Rocks Event – 2004

Beyonce, along with Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland spent much of 2004 promoting and preparing for the release of their final studio album “Destiny Fulfilled” which led to many more red carpets together one last time. This photo was taken at the Fashion Rocks: An Unprecedented Night of Style and Sound at Radio City Music Hall two months before their album’s release.

While the three stunning women individually looked great, they once again failed at coordinating outfits that looked good together for the many photos they knew were going to be taken. Plum purple, orange, and deep red, are three extremely clashing colors which makes this photo so hard on the eyes. Beyonce may be gorgeous, but she sort of looks like she is prepping for a role in a period piece with the cinched waist and calf-length pencil skirt. Her style has evolved so much since then.

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MTV Movie Awards – 2003

No one was green with envy over Beyonce’s dress at the 2003 MTV Movie Awards. This is just not the sort of outfit one should ever wear to an event. We’d get it if she was performing one of her hit songs onstage and decided to put this thing on but, as an outfit for the red carpet, this is just a major fail. The color is similar to that of slime. We get the distinct impression that her mother designed this one too. Tina, don’t quit your day job.

Beyonce’s star continued to rise in 2003 despite her horrible fashion choices. At the MTV VMAs that year, she took home awards for Best R&B Video, Best Female Video and Best Choreography for her hit song “Crazy in Love” and the following year she took home five Grammys, tying the record for the most wins ever for a female artist. Now, if she could only find herself a better stylist…

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VH1’s Big in 2003 Awards – 2003
Fashion from the ’90s and early 2000’s can be an excuse for a lot of star’s most questionable looks from red carpets at the time, but there is no excuse for this look from Beyonce. The singer is seen here at VH1’s Big In 2003 event looking like she was styled by a saloon operator from the Wild West.

The champagne skirt looks incredible on her figure, but then everything goes wrong. If the pink corset wasn’t bad enough as it does not match at all with the skirt, it is lined with fur-trim, which just doesn’t make any sense. Beyonce would hate for those who her see as fashion inspiration to see this horrible red carpet mistake from 2003.

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 World Music Awards – 2005
Beyonce is one of the most entertaining performers in the world and can sell out stadium tours in mere minutes and while she is still sexy on stage. It isn’t like it used to be. In her early career Beyonce played up her amazing looks and sexuality to mesmerize crowds like in this photo from the World Music Awards in 2005 when she was performing.

Her routines have gotten so much more complex than sitting on a chair and being alluring in short shiny dresses, that this photo does not do her career or performances justice anymore.


Austin Powers In Golden Member Cast Shoot – 2002

Beyonce continued on her pursuit into a film career in 2002 with her role as Foxxy Cleopatra in Austin Powers in Goldmember which led to this photo shoot. While there is no denying that her hair and makeup is incredible, the rest is rather questionable.

Her top is essentially a fringed scarf that barely covers her chest and it is just so unflattering. Whether it is for a movie or not, Beyonce can do so much better than this look!

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Premiere of Dreamgirls – 2006

Beyonce made a questionable decision when she chose to wear this lacy and transparent Elie Saab gown to the premiere of “Dreamgirls.” The only thing we like about this dress is the color; however, we can’t help but feel that it doesn’t suit her. Light blue is just not one of her colors and would it kill her it wear something that isn’t so transparent? We should not be able to see this much of her in a gown – it’s just not classy.

The year before this, Beyonce and her mom launched House of Deréon, a high-end clothing company. The style for the line was inspired by three generations of the women in our family. According to the award-winning singer, the collection is “a littler and a little couture.” Let’s hope for her sake that it isn’t anything like what Beyonce has been wearing in these photos!

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