The Conners’ Michael Fishman Speaks Out About Son’s Tragic Passing 4 Months Later

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The Conners‘ star Michael Fishman is speaking out four months following his son’s tragic passing.

Fishman opened up about the passing of his son Larry to Tamron Hall on her eponymous talk show on Wednesday. Larry passed due to a drug overdose in June.

When Hall asked Fishman when he learned Larry was struggling, the actor replied, “It wasn’t so much a struggle for him. People try things over time and that wasn’t really an issue overall.”

According to Fishman, Larry had “moved to a house in transition after living with his sister for a little while, and he tried drugs that turned out to be bad drugs that multiple people had a very serious reaction.”

“I feel like I came to Larry, maybe later than I wish I could. And I think for parents, you know, you wish you had more time,” he continued.

“You don’t always get the time that you want,” he added.

Fishman has been very private about the tragedy, but he shared that he hopes him opening up will help other families in similar situations.”A couple years ago, I probably would have never shared this, to be honest with you,” he admitted to Hall. “The really important part is that you’re brave enough to admit when you struggle, and that you need help or that you aren’t strong.”

Fishman also spoke about how Larry, who was in foster care as a child, joined into his family. “I think he chose me, to be fair,” he said of Larry. “I have two biological children from a previous marriage and at the end of that marriage I met his older sister, Camille, who a friend of mine kind of said, ‘She needs some support and guidance and mentorship.’ ”

“We became a family unit,” Fishman noted.

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