The 2014 Grammys’ Best Performances!

Joe Seer /

Best is a word rooted in relativity and subjectivity. There really may not have been a whole lot of best going around last night at The Grammys. That having been stated, let’s put all snarky comments aside, and focus on what specifically served as the memorable performances at the Grammy Awards on January 26, 2014. Then, we can all get ready for the Super Bowl this coming Sunday… a show really worth watching.

L.L. Cool J was passable as the evening’s host, and over the course of the 56th Annual Grammy Awards, it was nice to see that at least a few people who live in L.A. could actually come into the Staples Center and walk away with a win. Ain’t that right, Kobe Bryant?

Yes, there was plenty of glitz and glam for onlookers to enjoy from the onset, and fans of Beyonce–and that dude she’s married to, Mr. Beyonce–unquestionably loved the show opening.

In all fairness to Mr. Beyonce, aka Jay-Z, he did look rather dapper in his tux, rockin’ the mic and classily grabbing his mare’s hindquarters as they performed Drunk in Love. Which is not to be confused with the homeless fella outside of the Staples Center simultaneously singing his skid row classic, Drunken Love.

The moment that everyone will be talking about around the office, and in the scary, religious zealot geographies today: Queen Latifah ceremoniously joining together some 30 couples in marriage (of the gay and straight varieties) while Macklemore & Ryan Lewis serenaded the global audience with Same Love.

It was awesome to see the Grammys become such an instrument for social change and justice, doing so by seeking all these madly loving, marrying couples through a… massive casting call? Huh. So, maybe marriage is something to be mocked across the board, after all? Or just used for profit when possible?

Overall, the night belonged to Daft Punk, including their performance with Pharrell, Stevie Wonder and Nile Rodgers. The French connection, who have offered more timeless dance tracks than any group before them, finally got the robot love they were so deserving of. The handsome androids walked away with Album of the Year honors, as well as a host of other trophies.

Check out the video of all the best performances from the 2014 Grammys below:


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