Nina Dobrev Breaks Silence On Ian Somerhalder’s Wedding

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Nina Dobrev still has to work with her ex, Ian Somerhalder — so what does she think about his new wife?

In a new interview with E! News’ Maria Menounos, The Vampire Diaries star, 26, broke her silence about Ian’s recent marriage to Nikki Reed — which many believed prompted Nina’s announcement that she’s leaving the show after six years.

“I’ve said this before, that we didn’t break up because anything bad happened or because there wasn’t love or friendship,” Nina explained. “I love him and the friendship is still strong and I think he’s great and I care about him. And that didn’t change. Yes, we’re professional and that’s fine. We were friends long before we dated and we still are now.”

But what about the wedding?

“When I heard about the wedding, I thought it was beautiful,” Nina continued. “They look happy and I am happy, and so I don’t see why there should be a problem with that…Of course, we’re on a teen drama show, everyone’s going to look for drama…I just ignore it.”

Taking her word for it, Nina seems like the most mature and well-adjusted ex we’ve ever come across!

Nina and Ian, 36, dated for three years before breaking it off in May 2013. Ian got engaged to Nikki in January 2015 after they’d only been together for six months.

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