Kendall Jenner Disses Nadine Leopold

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It’s a battle of the models!

19 year-old Kendall Jenner has launched a bit of a feud with 20 year-old Nadine Leopold, the 20 year-old new girlfriend of One Direction’s Harry Styles.

Kendall was previously romantically linked with Harry, but recently he was spotted driving around with Nadine. To diss Nadine, Khloe Kardashian took to Instagram to post a video of her and Kendall rocking out to the verse in Cee-Lo’s song “F— You” in which he sings about driving around town with a girl he likes.

Just before the song’s curse word comes in, Khloe puts up her middle finger and the video ends.

It looks like Kendal has something to be upset about: Harry is definitely giving Nadine the romantic treatment, since he recently took her for lunch for her birthday and even packed his vintage car with pink balloons for her.

Do you think the video from Khloe and Kendall is a diss at Nadine, or is it just a coincidence? Or perhaps a diss at someone else entirely?

If there’s a reason to cheer up, it’s shoes: at least Kendall and her younger sister Kylie’s new shoe collection for Steven Madden’s Madden Girl line has finally hit Nordstrom stores!

Perhaps there’s a little retail therapy in order for Kendall?


Amanda Young