Jimmy Fallon Pelts Julia Roberts In The Face With Balls

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Have you ever played Face Balls? For some reason, nothing seems enjoyable a game called Face Balls. Still, that didn’t stop Jimmy Fallon and Julia Roberts from going a few rounds.

Fair enough, you’ve probably never heard of Face Balls. That’s because Face Balls didn’t exist before Jimmy introduced it on The Tonight Show, and asked to play with Julia Roberts.


Julia looked amazing. Incredible. She’s 46? Hmmm. It’s going to be interesting to see where Julia attempts to guide her career over the next 10 years.

Time in.

Within the game of Face Balls, competitors throw clear, inflatable beach balls at the face of an opponent, who sits defenseless in a chair. After a strike, the moment is enjoyed via slow-motion camera footage. It is entertaining, to say the least. Julia was a good sport, and Jimmy spared no velocity when chucking a ball at her face. If you’re curious, yes, the balls are really big balls.

What else was kickin’ in the land of late night? Chris Pratt took it to the level of “Wait… what?” while having a chat on Chelsea Lately. He was talking about the subject of taxidermy, which is just odd in and of itself. No. Not talking about taxidermy, rather taxidermy in and of itself–especially in the 21st century.

And over on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kerry Washington spent some time looking amazing while talking with Jimmy about her life in an acapella group back in the day. (Quickly: Yes, it is technically “A Capella,” which means “in the manner of the chapel/church.” There’s your Friday, Fame10 education.)

To enjoy all of these goodies, check out the video below!


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