Is Kendall Jenner Is Facing Bullies On The Runway?

Helga Esteb /

Kendall “Don’t Call Me Kardashian” Jenner seems to be strutting the runway under a unfair share of shade. Though she walked for some of the biggest international names in the fashion world at New York Fashion Week, it seems she has not been welcomed by everyone to the party.

There is no doubt about it, Kendall Jenner has enjoyed a rapid rise to modeling fame based on her ties to the Kardashian clan, as well as being part of the the reality show that chronicles their surrealism. Because of this, it seems some other models — who have presumably worked for years to get where they are — are not so fond of Kendall’s presence.

Kendall was strutting her stuff in Milan this week, when a few fellow fashion walkers offered a scoop to a few potentially reliable sources regarding allegedly true stories. What does that mean? These are rumors. But, there is likely some truth in the mix.

According to a few other models who have no problem with Kendall’s presence at these major events, there are a few of their peers who loathe her and want her gone. It has even been suggested that a couple models used Kendall’s beverage as an ashtray when it came time to extinguish their cigarettes.

Who knows? Maybe light hazing is the norm in the runway world. It is rumored to be as chaotic and cutthroat as any industry could be.

Regardless, Kendall seems to be above it all and hasn’t reported any poor behavior from behind the scenes. And why would she…she’s busy getting paid.


James Sheldon