Bill O’Reilly Sympathizes With Beyonce and Jay-Z

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What alien life form has taken over the body of Bill O’Reilly? There is no way the harsh critic of everything is feeling, and offering sympathy to Beyonce and Jay-Z. Or… is he? Is this what people call a “twist” in the realm of storytelling? The world must be coming to an end.

To properly set the stage: Bill O’Reilly has been a scathing critic of Beyonce Knowles for years now.  The “conservative” talk show host, and personality believes Beyonce is one of the most talented singers and performers to ever grace a stage, but he hates her videos. He believes they’re too provocative, and laden with sexuality that is not good for young viewers. This criticism is mostly based on Beyonce’s alleged faith and beliefs.

Regardless, Bill suggests that the most recent episode with Jay-Z, Beyonce and Solange was “sad.” He feels that no one should have to deal with the scrutiny of the public eye due to something that happened in your private life. And dare we suggest it: Bill O’Reilly is correct. So long as no laws have been broken (yes, this could arguably be labeled assault), whose business is it other than the parties involved?

Was the “elevator incident” entertaining? If you feel it’s entertaining, please reconsider. It’s not entertaining. Intriguing? Of course. It’s full of mystery. What happened? Why did she attack him? Why did Beyonce just stand there? It’s all very odd behavior.

Still, Bill O’Reilly takes the odd behavior cake, as he praises Jay-Z in the video below. That’s not a joke. He praises him. It’s so strange, you need to see it for yourself!

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