Beyonce And Jay-Z Address Divorce Rumors In HBO Special

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Beyonce and Jay-Z getting a divorce? Where did these rumors even come from? Silly. Silly. Silly. The power couple offered a pretty simple statement at the end of their HBO special that would suggest otherwise.

Did you happen to see the Beyonce and Jay-Z HBO special? It was a live concert broadcast in Paris, France, and they had their entire little family in the mix. Little Blue Ivy was part of the “On The Run” spectacle, and there were even pictures broadcast during the concert of Jay and Beyonce when she was pregnant with little Blue.

Ooops. Wait. Red flag. The couple broadcast an image of a nearly nude Beyonce with baby bump, being cuddled from behind by Jigga-Man? What this couple won’t do to maintain appearances. We all know that it has to be another photo from the Beyonce folder labeled “Photoshop.” Maybe these two are headed for a divorce!

Seriously, though, placing aside the strong likelihood that Beyonce never carried their child, here’s a fact for the marriage doubters: Jay and Bey just bought a sweet, 86 million dollar mansion in Beverly Hills. That’s not something soon-to-be-divorcees do, if you can pick up what is being laid down.

Regardless of what happened in the elevator with Solange, this couple remains crazy in love, or so they would have it seem. Maybe there is more truth to the whole elevator thing being a drive at free publicity than anything else. Honestly, how many people knew the name Solange Knowles before the incident? How many people know exactly who she is now?

It’s all strange and weird, and these people live in a different reality. To get the scoop, and see some photos from the night of the special, check out the video!


James Sheldon