Ben Affleck Responds To Card Counting Accusations

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Sometimes a player is just too good for a game. Ben Affleck knows the feeling. When it comes to playing blackjack at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, he’s on “the list.” He’s just too good at blackjack, and the casino made the executive decision to ban him from all blackjack games.

So. How does Ben feel about this? Well, probably not too bad, considering he’s rolling in the dough, regardless of being kept from some sure winnings in Las Vegas. To officially state it, Ben was not banned from the Hard Rock Casino, he was just told that he couldn’t play blackjack, because his skill set was too impressive.

The casino management staff did invite Ben to play some other games on the floor, and probably offered him some dinner and drinks at Culinary Dropout, Nobu, Pink Taco or one of the other fine dining establishments within the sprawling facility.

There was a lot of chatter following the news that Ben had been banned. In fact, if you were Ben’s publicist, this banning was a dream come true. There is no better time to flip all the hate that he endured when it was announced that he would be playing Bruce Wayne/Batman in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman. (Yes, that movie is going to be a disappointment, but that’s more because Zack Snyder will be directing, and the script will likely be drenched in weak sauce–but enough digression–back to Blackjack Ben.)

When you get banned for being awesome at blackjack, you gain legendary status. Honestly, has Ben Affleck ever seemed this cool before? Argo was great, but not this great. He probably hasn’t been this cool since he and Matt Damon struck gold with Good Will Hunting.

To see Ben’s response to the allegations check out the video below!

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