TV’s 5 Best Plot Twists

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Some TV shows have figured out the art of a plot twist. When it’s done well, it really throws the viewer off and makes the show even more compelling. Not all shows can do it well; however, these 5 shows managed to pull it off. Here are the 5 best TV plot twists:

5. Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy is all about plot twists and, while many of them have been mediocre, there was one that really stood out – when the plane carrying Derek, Meredith, Christina, Arizona, Lexie and Mark crashed in a mountainous, snow-covered forest while the doctors were on their way to another hospital during season eight. Even more devastating was when Meredith’s sister Lexie died a couple of days after the crash after being crushed under part of the plane.

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4. Lost

Lost’s series finale totally took fans and critics off guard when it was revealed that all of the characters who had been trapped on the island were dead. One of the most shocking parts of the finale was when the characters gathered at a church for a funeral reception, only to realize that the funeral was for them.

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3. Homeland

When Homeland first aired back in 2011, it kept fans hooked with its many plot twists. One of the biggest ones to come out of season one was when Sergeant Brody convinced CIA agent Carrie Mathison that he wasn’t a double agent working for al-Qaeda commander Abu Nazir, only for it to later come out that he was a double agent and was planning an attack on American soil. As if that wasn’t shocking enough, Brody was given a bomb vest by one of Abu Nair’s men and he was about to detonate it in a safe room in the State Department, but at the last moment he changed his mind after his daughter called him, making him promise to come home.

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2. Alias

The TV series Alias that starred Jennifer Garner began its five season run with some of the biggest plot twists ever. Sydney Bristow begins the first episode believing that she is working for CIA in a unit called SD-6; however, she discovers that she is actually working for an illegal organization known as Alliance of Twelve — and that her estranged father, Jack, is also working for them. As if that wasn’t a big enough plot twist, at the end of the episode, as Sydney becomes a double agent for the CIA to put an end to SD-6, she learns that her father is also a double agent who is working for both the CIA and SD-6. And a great show was born!

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1. This Is Us

This Is Us has only been on for one season and the NBC series is already known for its many plot twists. The most shocking one for fans was probably when they learned that Jack and Rebecca divorce at some point in the future and that Jack dies. Even more shocking for fans was when it came out that, after her and Jack divorce, Rebecca ends up marrying his best friend, Miguel. As fans mourned Jack, all they could think was, how could she?! Even more shocking than that was when viewers discovered that Randall, Kate and Kevin are actually Jack and Rebecca’s children. No one saw that one coming!

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