Stars React to Their Oscar Nominations

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What an honor to be nominated for an Oscar. This year’s class of nominees happens to be full of individuals who get it. There are really no major newcomers to any of the categories, with the exception of Barkhad Abdi for his role in Captain Phillips. And well… Jonah Hill… because the thought of Jonah Hill winning an Oscar is like letting a kid actually have carte blanche in a candy store.

That said, and regardless of past nominations, all of these actors and actresses are well-seasoned, and have walked more than a few red carpets. To that end, they do get it–they understand that these nominations don’t happen every year, or every other year or maybe more than once in a lifetime… unless you’re Meryl Streep.

If you’re Meryl Streep, you can poop in a bucket, film it… and score an Oscar nomination. It seems The Academy really wants to drive the point home that she’s probably the greatest actress who has ever lived (factual statement–she can do it all!), so what better way to prove it, than to give her a lot of trophies.

But, I’m digressing.

Even still, Meryl, as well as her fellow nominees, are pleased as punch to be nominated in a year of some really stellar performances. Amy Adams is gushing about her nomination, and everyone’s favorite Texas dude, Matthew McConaughey, is just L-I-V-I-N with his. Not so bold predicition: Mr. McConaughey will also be livin’ with a little golden man come mid-March. As will his Dallas Buyers Club co-star, Jared Leto.

The Oscars will air live on March 2, 2014, on ABC. Check out the video to enjoy more of the stars’ reactions to their nominations.

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