Younger’s 10 Most Iconic Fashion Moments


TVLand’s hit series Younger has arguably one of the most lust-worthy wardrobes currently on television. The show is directed by the producer of Sex and the City and has been coined the modern day version of the show with it’s bustling setting in New York city, empowering female leads and focus on the world of publishing. Although the series showcases outfits that may not be appropriate for the average corporate workplace, we love their millennial twist on business casual and have found ourselves fawning over the trendy statement jewelry, sky high stiletto heels and bold patterned dresses. Follow along for 10 of our all-time favorite style moments from the four seasons released of TVLand’s Younger:

10. Pom pom chic

Liza’s (Sutton Foster) winter layering is definitely fashion-forward and her cozy accessories like this azure pom pom tuque prove to be just as chic! Although a pom pom hat may initially seem juvenile, 40-year old Liza (who is fabricating her life as a 26-year old) totally pulls it off. With this look, she proves that no matter your age you’re never to old to rock a classic pom pom hat. Her key to his look is that the blue detailing of her tweed coat ties in perfectly with the hat, which makes the hat look intentional and stylish.

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9. Skin bearing office chic

Younger has definitely revolutionized office attire with the extravagant looks Kelsey (Hilary Duff) and Liza come up with! They’ve transformed the stuffy, neutral office attire into a completely new version of corporate chic and have shown they aren’t afraid of bearing a little skin in the worplace. Although many office environments may not be as forward-thinking as the fictional world of Empirical publishing, it’s definitely entertaining and inspiring to watch the girls pull up to work in off the shoulder tops and belly-bearing cropped blouses like in this photo.

Source: Instagram

8. Red hot heels

Liza rocked this micro-mini silver dress the evening she hosted a book party for her publishing company. “It was a moment for her to stand out, and she wanted to look young but still have a bit of sexiness as well,” says Demeterio, the show’s stylist. The dress definitely did just that, especially when paired with these bold scarlet stiletto booties.

Source: Instagram

7. Monochrome layering

Kelsey’s pinstripe cape is both classic and trendy, which makes this such a memorable style moment! She looks sophisticated and put together with the timeless monochrome dress, but adds a pop of color with her bag and nails to show her young, 20-something side and really make a fashion statement.

6. Turquoise patchwork

Liza’s turquoise patchwork dress definitely is quite the bold print, but with long legs like hers she totally makes it look fabulous! We love that she picked up on both the black and white in the dress with her accessories — the black booties are a perfect touch of sophistication while the white cross body bag keeps the look light and summery. Pulling her hair into a high topknot was also a great touch to allow the loud print to speak for itself without distraction.

Photo by MediaPunch/REX/Shutterstock

5. Barbie pink

Although Kelsey’s hot pink leather miniskirt would be wildly inappropriate for most corporate settings, we can’t help but admire how chic she looks strutting down the streets of New York! The skirt is undeniably bold, but she balances the look out with a sophisticated tweed jacket and black accents. Kelsey’s look is the perfect combination of classic and trendy, which is a necessary touch since she spearheads the millennial department of the company.

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4. Autumn flannel

Liza is the queen of stylish layering during the fall seasons of the show! Her go-to style is to toss a flannel plaid shirt as an extra layer on top of her outfit like she did in this picture. The chic blazer keeps her look sophisticated and mature, yet the pop of color from the flannel adds a youthful vibe. We love that she doesn’t shy away from short rompers during the cooler weather and simply adds a pair of tights and a few extra layers to keep her warm and wearing this piece all year round.

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3. Camel cape

Kelsey once again makes a huge fashion moment with this stylish camel cape during the fall seasons of the show. She balances the short hemline of the dark skirt by adding a thick outerwear piece on top. Kelsey also keeps the look contemporary by layering a geometric style shirt underneath that adds visual interest and pulls everything together.

Source: Instagram

2. Embroidered bomber

Liza’s army green bomber with floral embroidery is a super trendy layering piece to throw on top of a classic printed dress. The Letterman-inspired jacket is masculine in nature yet the embroidery is the perfect feminine contrast. We love the mix of sporty style with girly details and think Liza pulled this look off flawlessly!

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1. Funeral attire

In the most iconic fashion moment to date, the Younger cast stepped out donning their chicest Pepto Bismo pink ensembles to a funeral as per the request of the late romance novelist. Kelsey’s look encompassed all things feminine including ruffled details, a metallic finish material and unforgettable platform heels. The all-pink affair definitely gave Wednesdays on Mean Girls a run for their money and made this fashion moment one of the show’s best yet.

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