The Bold Type’s 10 Best Fashion Moments


Freeform’s latest show The Bold Type made waves in millennial television by focusing on taboo topics that many series previously hesitated to touch. The show revolves around coworkers at Scarlet magazine and the premise is inspired by the life of Cosmopolitan’s former editor-in-chief, Joanna Coles. The character Jane Sloan is a witty content writer; Sutton Brady is an aspiring fashion editor; and Kat Edison is a savvy social media director. The three women are passionate, strong-hearted and of course, fashion forward! The women defy boundaries both within their lifestyles, but also in their definition of business casual. The cast are often captured making their way to the office in a pair of smart jeans or a trendy dress than a typical blazer and pencil skirt look. Follow along for 10 of the best fashion moments from season one of The Bold Type: 

10. Sutton’s Floral Dress

Aspiring fashion editor Sutton always has her best foot forward in the fashion department and on the streets of New York! This look is a definite favorite and featured a midi-length floral dress that is perfect for summer but also an easy piece to transition into fall due to it’s dark color palette. Sutton chose to layer the look with a cropped khaki bomber and a pair of trendy sock-style boots.

Source: Freeform


9. Kat’s Lace Skirt

Kat’s style is definitely risky and unique, but her outfits are always absolutely fabulous! Pairing an over-sized top with this lace skirt could have the potential to drown her shape, but she pulls off this style fabulously. The mossy green color of her lace skirt pairs perfectly with the embroidery of her top which almost makes these separates look like one piece! The delicate lace skirt is sheer and feminine which balances out the boxy shape of the top perfectly.

Source: Freeform

8. Kat’s Cropped Blouse

Not even working in a corporate office will stop Kat from taking risks with her fashion! Kat rocked a unique top that combines a typical button-up blouse with a cropped hemline that shows off her belly. Although a look like this may not be the most appropriate for the average work setting, we love that the show’s stylist has defied what is expected and played with revealing pieces to prove the forward-thinking nature of the show.

Source: Freeform

7. Sutton’s Sheer Dress

Much of Sutton’s story line revolves around her deciding whether to pursue the practical and well paying route of finance or to live out her dreams and work in the fashion department. Sutton definitely has a more minimalist approach when it comes to fashion and this sheer off the shoulder dress is the perfect example of that! Rather than choosing an outfit that is embellished and bold, Sutton instead opted for a black dress with mesh detailing that is understated yet still ultra trendy.

Source: Freeform

6. Jane’s Cheetah Bomber

One of the show’s best fashion moments is when the Scarlet employees are stuck at work overnight due to a protest happening outside. The creatives make the most of their time indoors and throw a fashion show where they flaunt androgynous clothes that are suitable for both genders. Their take on gender neutral fashion was absolutely flawless and a great twist on the fashion industry that many other shows in the same field have yet to touch.

Source: Instagram

5. Jane’s Frilly Blouse

Jane’s style is a mix of feminine details with an edgy touch! She is known for rocking a leather jacket on top of a ruffled blouse or a pink top with stiletto thigh-high boots. This top is the perfect example of her style. The top is definitely girly with it’s crochet detailing and ruffled shoulders, yet is also slightly edgy by featuring sheer detailing throughout.

Source: Instagram

4. Jane’s High Boots

Another great example of Jane’s sweet yet sassy style is this particular blouse look! She took a frilly periwinkle blouse and matched it with a pair of low-rise jeans to show off just the perfect amount of skin. To add even more of an edge to the uber girly piece, Jane opted for a pair of stiletto thigh-high boots on top of dark jeans to make her legs look extra long and slender.

Source: Instagram

3. Kat’s Checked Blazer

Even when Kat does opt for business casual she ensures to add a unique twist onto her outfit! With this look she chose a simple white blouse that would be office-appropriate in most settings, but to add a fashion-forward spin she added a pink checkered blazer. The result is polished and professional yet still girly and fashionable.

Source: Freeform

2. Kat’s Jumpsuit

Kat’s trendy jumpsuit is majorly fashion-forward! We love the flattering sweetheart neckline that is even more emphasized with an adorable bow detailing along the bust. To break up the daring geometrical pattern, the jumpsuit also featured a perfectly placed cutout on the ribcage that adds a touch of sexiness for a night-out look. To keep warm, Kat opted for a cape-style jacket and draped it in the most fashionable way possible over her shoulders.

Source: Freeform

1. The Premiere Dresses

Of all the fashion moments from season one, the ultimate moment actually came from the premiere episode! These gorgeous dresses stole our hearts and were definitely a huge part of the initial reason we tuned in after seeing this photo plastered among the marketing campaigns leading up to the premiere. Sutton’s dress is perfectly suited to her style by being minimal, modest yet fashion forward. Jane’s crimson dress is feminine and girly yet edgy with the mix of ruching along the torso. Cat’s dress is of course bold, daring and attention-grabbing! These ladies are clearly the ultimate fashionistas of millennial television!

Source: Instagram

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