Pop Culture’s 10 Most Fashionable Cliques


Many popular television shows and films are shot from an insider point of view and follow a clique of best friends as they navigate life and experience highs and lows along the way. These groups of friends always have a list of common traits that keeps them bonded as friends whether it be their quirky tendencies, common workplaces or dramatic personalities, but select pop culture cliques are bonded by one huge factor – their love of fashion! They share style secrets, coordinate their outfits perfectly and may even work in a fashion-related field! Follow along for 10 of the most stylish cliques to hit the big screen:

10. The Bold Type

The girls of The Bold Type work for Scarlet magazine, which is the television adaptation of Cosmopolitan. The show is laced with forbidden relationships, career drama, and of course, amazing fashion! Sutton aspires to work in the fashion department and is constantly donning the chicest new trend. Her best friends and coworkers Jane and Kat are equally as fashionable and love to take risks with their looks by rocking statement tops and metallic heels. Whether they’re popping champagne in the fashion closet, heading out for a night on the town or even just walking down the New York streets, this clique is definitely one of pop culture’s most fashionable!

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9. Grease

The students attending Riddell High in Grease are definitely some of the most stylish to hit the big screen! The Pink Ladies clique sport their own matching silk bombers with their group’s name embellished on the back and their voluminous poodle skirts are definitely timeless and chic. The men of Riddell High had their own stylish dress code as well and the T-Birds became infamous for their rebellious leather jackets and slicked back hair.

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8. Kardashians

Whether you love them or hate them, the one thing you can’t deny about the Kardashian clan is that their style is absolutely fabulous! These ladies rock curve-hugging pencil skirts and crop tops better than anyone and often set the trends rather than follow them. Their family has become known for making waves in the fashion industry and have been coined as the creators of the “Kardashian effect” which causes mass chaos from the public to purchase a certain clothing item after a Kardashian is spotted wearing it.

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7. Pretty Little Liars

The Pretty Little Liars crew always had all eyes on them after their ring-leader Alison DiLaurentis went missing and a stalker named “A” followed them around for years to follow. These girls became the talk of the town and despite their constant run-ins with police and near-death experiences, these liars never for a moment let their fashion fall! They consistently brought their A-game (no pun intended!) and wore outfits that were decked out from head to toe regardless of the current circumstance.

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6. The Hills

The ladies of The Hills each had an epic sense of fashion, but especially Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad who interned at Teen Vogue! These fashionistas were often spotted rocking the newest trend and knew how to accessorize jeans and a plain tee to look like the next revolutionary outfit formula. Although this exclusive L.A. clique came with it’s fair share of friend and boy drama, these ladies definitely knew how to always look fabulous despite it!


5. Sex And The City

There’s no trendier place than New York City for a group of best friends to live and show off their latest purchases! Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda are definitely one of the television’s trendiest cliques. They each have their own unique twist on style, whether it be slightly more feminine like Charlotte or more corporate like Miranda, but they definitely all have their impeccable taste in style in common! Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this trendy clique?

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4. Spice Girls

The Spice Girls band was every ’90s girl’s dream group of friends. These sisters preached girl power, friendship and best of all, fabulous fashion! They took both their on-stage and street style looks to the next level and inspired other women to do the same. Victoria Beckham, or “Posh” Spice, even went on to launch her own fashion line and continues to be one of the most dominant fashionistas in the industry.

3. Mean Girls

The Plastics from Mean Girls may not have been the most genuine group of friends, but the one thing they did dominate was their impeccable style! Their outfits always coordinated perfectly and the line, “On Wednesdays, we wear pink,” is perhaps one of the most memorable from the entire film. Their velour sweatsuits, super short mini skirts and Christmas themed Santa-inspired attire at the talent show were just a few of their most notable fashion moments.

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2. Clueless

Cher and Dionne’s wardrobes from Clueless were definitely some of the most enviable to hit television! Cher’s bright yellow plaid-on-plaid outfit that coordinated perfectly with Dione’s grey plaid set has still stayed with us years later. Cher’s extensive closet was so intense that she even required a computer program to log and plan her outfits in. With a duo as stylish as these two, it’s a given that these ladies have quite the expansive fashion knowledge to share and did so when they gave newcomer Tai a complete fashion and beauty makeover. Together these three fabulous ladies turned heads when they strutted the hallways of their Beverly Hills high school.

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1. Gossip Girl

Of all the most fashionable cliques, Blair Waldorf and her minions definitely steal the cake! Their coordinating designer coats, matching colorful tights and chunky headbands made them look even more chic while grazing upon the MET steps to eat their lunch. Squad leader and ultimate It-Girl Blair Waldorf initiated a fashion era among the Upper East High and with all viewers who tuned in to get the latest fashion tips from Blair and her minions.

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