Brigitte Bardot’s Most Iconic Fashion Moments


French actress Brigitte Bardot is one of the world’s most iconic style icons. She’s the epitome of the French je ne sais quoi with her effortless sense of style and timeless glamour. Aside from fashion, Bardot’s beauty look is also highly notable with her long, spidery lashes, tousled beehive updo and plump, pouty lips. Bardot is the quintessential French muse from her effortless Cannes vacation looks and fashion-forward on-screen ensembles, so follow along for 15 of her most iconic fashion moments throughout the decades:

15. Photo shoot from the 1960s

Move aside Carrie Bradshaw, it seems that Brigitte Bardot was the first to make wearing a frilly pink tutu a trend! In the 1960s Bardot posed for a photo shoot wearing a foofy, ruffled skirt paired with a casual grey sweater. The combination of a feminine piece with something casual to tone down the look and make it appear effortless is the epitome of French fashion, especially with the Mary Jane shoes! She wore her hair in a teased and tousled updo and wore her makeup smudged and smokey.


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14. Cafe Royal, London 1956

Although Bardot was known for her casual, effortless style, that doesn’t mean she didn’t know how to dress for an occasion! The star made heads turn when she wore this striking embellished dress for an appearance at the Cafe Royal in London. She was attending BBC Television’s “Saturday Night Out” broadcast to take part in the Royal Command Film Performance before the Queen. She kept things classy and posh by pairing the look with sleek white gloves and a luxe fur coat.

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13. London 1959

Brigitte Bardot is a style chameleon that can wear undone, laid-back style just as well as she can do classy, polished looks! This outfit she wore in 1959 is as sophisticated and chic as it gets with her matching suit and skirt combo. We love that she still incorporated her classic beehive hairstyle, but simply smoothed it out and made it look a little more professional.

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12. Photoshoot 1960s

Brigitte Bardot has style that crosses the line between many different vibes and transitions from polished to full-on glam flawlessly. This hot pink, fringe dress showed off her long, slender legs perfectly and made her look like a Barbie doll, especially with her voluminous blonde tresses.

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11. On-location with director Jean-Luc Godard, 1963

Brigitte Bardot’s casual style is definitely worthy of note! Although her style at times was glam and bold, she also mastered the quintessential effortless French style just as well. This look featuring a nautical striped top and cardigan is definitely what we imagine the French wear while vacationing in the south.

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10. Photoshoot 1960s

A common French styling technique is to dress in one solid color, which is clearly a trend that Brigitte Bardot mastered! She posed wearing an orange-tinted outfit in the 1960s that was complete with corduroy pants alongside a perfectly coordinated coat and baker boy hat. Her look coordinated flawlessly, even down to the lace-up oxfords she wore on her feet.

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9. Honeymoon 1966

In 1966, Brigitte Bardot boarded a plane at the Kennedy International airport with Gunther Sachs von Opel to jet set off for their honeymoon. The two looked ultra stylish and fabulous as they boarded the plane. Bardot wore a basic ribbed tank top paired with printed plaid pants and casual sandals. Her hair was left in her signature, tousled waves and she was clearly all smiles!

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8. London 1960s

Although Bardot knew how to dress down for casual outings, she also knew how to amp up her look. This outfit she wore in the ’60s consisted of flashy thigh-high leather boots, short shorts, a chic blazer and a fedora which sat sideways on her head. The entire look is the epitome of chic, and even more so with the cool, confident way she carried herself when she walks.

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7. Cannes Film Festival 1953

If you’ve ever wondered where the Bardot neckline term came from, the answer is Brigitte Bardot! The actress was just 18-years old and relatively unknown when she attended the Cannes Film Festival in 1953, but everyone lusted over her fashion and particularly the off-the-shoulder necklines she wore. The cut of this top was quite risque at the time but quickly gained momentum in the fashion industry once Bardot made it famous.

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6. Filming 1959 Babette Goes to War in London

On-screen, many of Brigitte Bardot’s characters were also impossibly chic. We love this outfit she wore while filming Babette Goes To War in London. It was clean, simple and polished with its sheath shape yet still feminine since the collar featured lace detailing. Her hair was thrown up in her classic tousled beehive and she wore flats instead of heels which was revolutionary in the 1950s.

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5. Hotel Reception in 1963 in London

One of the key elements of Bardot’s style is knowing how to look elegant and sexy at the same time. In 1963 for a hotel reception in London she totally showed off how this is possible with her look. Her dress was sleek and sophisticated with a modest midi length, a collared neckline and dainty buttons lining the front. She added her classic slightly undone style into the mix by styling her hair in messy, bedhead-type waves.

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4. Filming Two Weeks in September in London

Bardot’s looks were for the most part quite feminine, but she wasn’t afraid to mix in a little edge every once in a while, especially when it came to her on-screen outfits! In the 1960s she was photographed alongside husband Gunther Sachs chatting during a break between filming wearing a pair of casual, loose-fitting jeans and a turtleneck sweater. She accessorized with a chunky, studded belt and motorcycle boots which really brought the look from polished and minimalist to something quite rocker-inspired.

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3. The Empire Cinema in Leicester Square 1956

Brigitte Bardot posed playfully in Leicester Square in 1956 at The Empire Cinema for the rehearsals of the Royal Command Performance. She rocked an embroidered dress that fit her body like a glove yet was still highly modest. We love that Bardot knows how to look sultry without even having to bare any skin, and a look like this does exactly that!

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2. Elysee Palace 1967

Brigitte Bardot took frequent risks with her fashion, which is one of the big reasons she’s become such a bona fide style icon. This look she wore to the Elysee Palace in 1967 for an annual reception honoring film stars and other luminaries. Allegedly, protocol guards initially did not want to let Bardot into the event but later let her in. She was the only women at the event who wore trousers, which made a huge fashion statement in 1967.

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1. The Female, 1959

In 1959 Brigitte Bardot was photographed on the set of The Female wearing a voluminous polka dot skirt paired with a bustier top. Her hair was loose and tousled and her makeup was dark and smokey. Polka dot is a classic print that is traditionally associated with the French, which is why we love that Bardot wore this on the set of her film. From her on-screen looks to her casual fashion, this style muse effortlessly proved she can do it all!

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