10 Olivia Palermo-Inspired Style Tips


Olivia Palermo first showcased her iconic style on the set of The City where she starred as frenemy to The Hills alum Whitney Port. Although fans were initially turned off by her standoffish demeanor and icy stares, she quickly rose to fame for her iconic fashion sense that has turned her into a New York socialite. Olivia’s style is unpredictable and bold, but her petite frame and slim legs can pull off even the most extravagant fashion creations. She is notorious for taking pieces from mainstream brands like Zara and styling them to perfection in ways that make them appear designer. She once admitted that her mother taught her to always fully primp in the morning no matter how early because you never know where the day could take you. She definitely follows this motto because she looks stunning whether she’s sitting front row at Fashion Week or walking her dog in Nike trainers along the streets of New York. Follow along for 10 tips inspired by Olivia Palermo’s iconic style:

10. Pay attention to the size of prints when mixing

Mixing prints is a fashion faux pas that has been pushed on us for years, but Olivia has proven that mixing prints can actually be quite chic when done correctly. The star’s greatest tip for mixing prints is to take into consideration the scale of the print on each piece. For example, the floral blouse she rocks in this outfit is a quite clustered and busy print, whereas the skirt has a print that is more scattered and features larger flowers. The combination of these two pieces blends fabulously and actually looks like a set when she just styled the two separate prints very strategically.

Source: Instagram


9. Break away from traditional fashion expectations

In an act of rebelling from tradition, Olivia Palermo decided against wearing a conventional wedding dress on her big day. The star nonetheless looked like a princess bride, but instead of the Cinderella gown she opted for a cashmere knit sweater and tulle skirt. The look was nontraditional but definitely rung true to Palermo’s out of the box sense of style and tendency to take risks when it comes to fashion.

Source: Olivia Palermo Blog / by Johannes Huebl

8. Fashion doesn’t have to be expensive

Olivia’s luxury wardrobe is the envy of girls everywhere, but the star has admit that she doesn’t always rock designer garments. “It’s not about how much something costs,” Palermo says. “I always like adding a bit of high street to things.” The outfit below she shared on her blog and is entirely from Zara, but it appears much more expensive and luxurious because of how perfectly she styled the pieces together.

Source: Instagram

7. Find one signature flare that people recognize

It’s rare to spot a photo of Palermo without her signature red nails. She’s made this her hallmark style flare and fans can come to recognize this as one consistency within her ever changing wardrobe and constantly evolving hairstyles. Having one signature look, such as a red lip or statement necklaces, is a way to form an iconic style that is unique to you and people can grow to expect and recognize it.

Source: Instagram

6. Customization and monogrammed pieces will always be chic

Carrie Bradshaw did it first on Sex and the City with her unforgettable “Carrie” monogrammed necklace, but Olivia Palermo has followed suit and is often caught rocking this look as well. The star is notorious for repping her name whether represented by an “OP” on a bag or scarf, or explicitly stitched onto a customized monogram bomber jacket like in the photo pictured below.

Source: Instagram

5. Build an outfit starting with a bold pair of shoes

Styling an outfit is definitely not as easy as celebs and socialites make it seem, but Olivia filled us in on one of her best style hacks to getting ready quickly in the most fashionable way possible. Her tip was to select a bold pair of shoes and to style upwards with something simple. Take this look for example, she pairs a colorful bootie with a simple black turtleneck and laid back cuffed jeans, yet still looks super chic and fashion-forward because of the statement shoes.

Source: Instagram

4. If something works, don’t hesitate to re-wear it

Although she is the queen of fashion, Olivia doesn’t hesitate to re-wear something if she thinks it works. The statement boots she wore in the previous photo have actually been spotted styled in multiple outfits of hers! She paired this unconventional colorful stiletto bootie with a romantic off the shoulder gown. We love that she reminds us that a piece can easily be reinvented when styled differently and proved that these booties can be appropriate for both a red carpet event or a simple Instagram shot from your apartment.

Photo by Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock

3. Owning a variety of skinny belts is a great way to add extra flare

Palermo has previously admit that she has a hefty collection of skinny belts in her wardrobe. The star has been spotted various times rocking a skinny belt whether with a formal blazer, waist-hugging skirt or even a simple pair of jeans. Belts whittle down the waist, add shape and interest to a basic outfit and will always look chic and on trend. “I have endless skinny belts,” Olivia admitted. “My favourite ones are from Whistles and Reiss, actually. There is always a place for a big belt, but sometimes when you’re layering pieces you need to hide the belt and a skinny one does just that.”

Photo by Cornel Cristian Petrus/REX/Shutterstock

2. When in a rush to pick an outfit, go all black

Palermo is the queen of styling bold colors, daring prints and loud textures, but that doesn’t mean the fashionista shies away from a great all black outfit either. Black has arguably always been the most loved color in the fashion industry and is known for its slimming qualities, eternal elegance and powerful connotation. Palermo follows exactly that and has proven that an all-black outfit is a perfect back up plan for any occasion and requires no matching. Take inspiration from Olivia’s all black ensemble and blend textures instead of color when rushing last minute to put something chic together.

Photo by Cornel Cristian Petrus/REX/Shutterstock

1. Layering makes a look appear effortlessly stylish

No one layers as strategically as Olivia Palermo! She is a pro at layering to perfection and making her look appear effortlessly chic by always remembering to add a third piece. She’s notorious for rocking a casual rolled sleeve to add extra detail and reveal a patterned blouse underneath like in this look. Palermo has proven that layering is key when it comes to fashion and continuously demonstrates new and fresh ways to artfully piece together a not-so-basic outfit.

Photo by REX/Shutterstock