“This Is Us”: 10 Things To Know


This Is Us will be airing on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. on NBC and is one of, if not thee most, highly anticipated series coming to the small screen this Fall. The trailer has been circulating around on the Internet for quite some time now and has sparked a lot of buzz from viewers. Like many other great dramas, one of the best things about This Is Us is the cast. Viewers get to see A Walk to Remember actress Mandy Moore take the screen alongside Heroes and Gilmore Girls fan favorite Milo Ventimigilia, as well as popular soap actor, Justin Hartley, Sterling K. Brown and Chrissy Metz. The trailer promises that the show will cover a lot of emotional topics that will tug at our heart strings and keep audiences captivated along the way. We are so excited for the release of this new show so we’ve created a list of 10 things to know about This Is Us!

10. What’s It About?

This Is Us is a dramaedy about a group of people on the verge of a major life change who all share the same birthday as they turn 36. There’s a couple expecting triplets, an actor, a family man searching for his birth father, and an overweight woman who is battling an eating addiction. The trailer doesn’t show how the stories will connect, but we can expect that eventually these people’s lives will all weave together at some point throughout the series in what NBC describes as “curious ways.” Despite the show being packed with lots of emotion fueled by struggle and fear, the show has a lot of happy and lighthearted moments as well. “Our show tends to show the hopefulness of life. Even though it’s a struggle at the end of the day there’s a rainbow at the end of that tunnel,” said This Is Us actor Sterling K. Brown. “I think about that I have a great, great grandfather out there somewhere who I never met nor know his name but in his own way, he affected my life: there’s four interconnected stories and they each get equal time. One story will impact the others. It’s about the growth of these people as we jump around in time. It’s ambitious and for network TV, it’s groundbreaking TV to explore the condition of the human family,” said show creator Dan Fogelman.


9. Crazy, Stupid, Love

The 2011 film Crazy, Stupid, Love was a huge success, and not only because Ryan Gosling showcased his amazing body, but also because of the ‘brains behind the operation,’ writer Dan Fogelman and co-directors John Requa and Glenn Ficarra. And we’ve got good news! We can expect similar things from the new series This Is Us because the show is created by the same writing and directing team as Crazy, Stupid, Love. Fogelman, Requa and Ficarra are taking their experience from the big screen to create a similar product for the first season of This Is Us. The show will follow the same suit as the film by tackling relatable subjects revolving around family, relationships and personal growth while offering a similar warm fuzzy feeling at the end. “The world has grown more cynical. I watch movie screeners at the end of every year and it’s become a slog for me sometimes. It’s all so dark and cynical…maybe it’s the right time for a show with hope and optimism that will make you cry and make you feel good. I didn’t get into this business to make something that makes people feel worse,” said Fogelman.

8. It’s Relatable

One of the best things about This Is Us is the fact that it covers so many real life topics and things that all viewers can relate to. They don’t shy away from anything. In a recent interview Justin Hartley talked about how the screening for the show went and, not surprisingly, he said there were a lot of tears! People have been known to cry just from watching the trailer! “Yeah, there were tears. People cry at the trailer. There are so many things this show touches on life wise; a relationship, or work, or losing a child or a parent, not feeling wanted, or feeling guilty about something, or feeling like you missed an opportunity. We’ve all gone through that stuff, and I just love the fact that every single one of us has had different life experiences obviously and we are all different sexes, religions, who knows. There is something for all of you in This is Us. I’m not kidding,” said Hartley.

7. It Already Has a Huge Following

In the first 48 hours after the trailer was released, it had 15 million views on Facebook, then three days later it reached 17 million viewers. That number has only continued to climb and is now over 60 million. It’s starting to look like NBC has a huge hit series on its hands this fall. The series is already breaking records on Facebook. It surpassed last year’s most hyped show, DC Legends of Tomorrow, by gaining more than 50 million viewers. It’ll be really interesting to see how the show does when it premieres because it’s up against some tough competition in the Tuesday night time slot, but from the looks of it, This Is Us has already peaked many viewers’ interest.

6. Mandy Moore’s Pregnancy

In the pilot, Mandy Moore’s character, Rebecca, is pregnant with triplets. In an interview with People, she said this is the first time she’s ever played a character who is a wife or mother, or both! Also, the whole pregnant with triplets was interesting for her. She said she had to wear this 35 pound body suit that fit like a bathing suit. Also, in order to make the birthing scenes more authentic, she said she watched quite a few videos on YouTube of women giving birth and then on set they had a nurse who walked her through the progression of what would actually happen during the different stages of labor. She added at the end of the interview that there’s the potential to be working with kids while on the show which is making her want some of her own babies! She teased, “I’m definitely ready for that.” This Is Us is leading to a lot more than just a new job for Mandy!

5. Rebecca and Jack

Expect to see fireworks between Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia! Rebecca is played by our favorite ’90s gal, Mandy Moore, while Jack is played by actor Milo Ventimiglia, these two characters are married and expecting triplets in the pilot episode. Despite not knowing one another prior to working on the show, Moore and Ventimiglia said their chemistry on set just came naturally. “Mandy is the kindest, most talented, most beautiful soul I’ve come across in a long time. When we shot this pilot, the funny thing was we didn’t really know each other, but we had this immediate connection,” said Ventimiglia. Moore added, “As an actor, it’s obviously our job to find chemistry with somebody who is playing our spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend or whatever. Every now and then, you luck out and that chemistry is just palpable and it’s right on the surface. And I really lucked out with Milo. These are two deeply connected people. They have a soulful connection, and a deep kinetic, sort of love.”

4. Sterling K. Brown Plays Himself

We can expect a heartfelt performance from Sterling K. Brown as he plays the character of Randall because he shares quite a few similarities with this character. Randall is on the hunt for his biological father after his dad passes away. “Randall lost his dad and has never known his biological father, and I lost my dad as a young man as well. So he has all these things going on for him in life — beautiful wife, great home. But he doesn’t have his father. I found myself in this particular point in time in my life, with all these great things happening to me — wouldn’t it be nice if my dad was here? Wouldn’t it be nice if I could share this with my father?” he said.

3. It Offers Diversity

Unlike a lot of other Hollywood shows or popular network series, This Is Us is going to offer a ton of diversity when it comes to the ensemble cast. The show is about human connections and recreating our everyday life to share stories that we can all relate to so it only makes sense to have a diversified cast that properly reflects our society. This is why Chrissy Metz, who plays the character of a plus-sized woman named Kate was so excited to audition for the series. “I was excited with the breakdown! I thought…what? A plus-size actress that is remotely attractive and has a love interest..in Hollywood? I need this!” she said. “So many people are defined by a number. If there was going to be a pioneer of the plus-size girl of my shape on TV, why not me? We’re not defined by our weight or what we wear but this is a very poignant story that needs to be told.”

2. There’s a Twist

Fogelman, made comments about an expected twist in the series which has peaked our interest. “I think NBC has done a good job of [promoting the show] in a way that is intriguing to people without ruining [the twist].” He said the twist will be revealed in the pilot, so for the people who have already pre-screened the pilot they’ve surprisingly done a very good job at keeping this secret plot twist a secret. “It feels almost like people are collectively holding hands and talking about the show in a way that doesn’t give anything away for the audience.” He describes the show as kind of like a dramedy version of Lost, which we all know had a huge twist at the end! “When we sold the show, we had a whole plan for the series. When it was written it wasn’t like we were just going to make a pilot and then just figure it out if we get lucky enough [to get on air]. As we went along, I described it as like a dramedy version of Lost, where you have to understand how everyone’s connected and then explore these people as we move forward,” he said.

1. The Unexpected Star of the Show

The stars of This Is Us, particularly Milo himself, were surprised to learn that his bare butt was attracting a lot of attention in the series trailer! In an interview with Vulture, Moore said she’s fully aware that Ventimiglia’s behind upstaged them all in people’s first impression of the show. “I know full well that we’ve all been upstaged by the derriere. And I’m totally find with it. It’s a really good butt. And I got to look at it for almost a whole day.” While admittedly it was a little awkward for them both considering shooting the pilot was the first time they met, but Moore said Milo handled it with ease. “He seemed so comfortable. Like, I don’t know if this is true, but he seems like the kind of guy that would totally be fine to walk around in the nude…I guess if you work that hard for a body like that, I would probably walk around naked all the time, too,” she joked. Ventimiglia is a fan favorite for many after playing the character of Jesse, Rory’s love interest, on Gilmore Girls for many years, and we’re pretty sure he’s about to take on a whole new female fan following with the premiere of This Is Us!