The Bold And The Beautiful’s 5 Greatest Couples Of All Time


Characters come and go all the time, but there are a few that leave a lasting impression. Everyone enjoys a great love story and viewers of the Bold and the Beautiful are no exception. Of course, a little controversy adds some spice into the mix. These couples had incredible on again and off again relationships and might be the best couples on daytime television. Were they ever meant for each other? Will their love persist and overpower all adversity or will someone else come between them once again and make an even better match? Here are the five greatest couples of all time on The Bold and the Beautiful:

5. Hope Logan and Wyatt Spencer

The original meeting of Hope and Wyatt took place while Hope was strolling in the woods near the Forrester cabin, when she stumbled upon Wyatt in a solar shower. She then decided to take photos of him with her phone and run away. While running, she falls and gets knocked out and Wyatt brings her back to consciousness with a kiss. Love at first sight describes these two to a tee. Wyatt took Hope’s breath away with a gentle kiss and that’s where the attraction began. Unfortunately, Hope was engaged to Liam at the time. Through a series of dating Liam, breaking up, dating Wyatt and then going back to Liam, eventually dating both at once. Hope and Wyatt finally end up marrying on a romantic boat ride. Shortly after, Hope found out she was pregnant with Wyatt’s child and during an argument with Quinn, tripped down some stairs and lost the baby. She blamed Wyatt for not keeping Quinn away from her and the two divorced shorty after.


4. Quinn Fuller and Deacon Sharpe

The start of this relationship was not something you’d find in a typical fairytale love story. Deacon and Quinn met in a bar after Quinn lost her job and decided to drown her sorrows. Deacon offered to buy her a drink and she brushed him off until she found out he was Hope’s father. She then decided she could use a relationship with him to hep Wyatt marry Hope…not exactly noble intentions. Though she started off just using Deacon, Quinn fell in love. When Hope lost her baby because of an argument with Quinn, the relationship went through a rocky period, but they persevered. Their dedication to each other was tested again when Deacon tried to help Brooke with her drinking problem and Quinn became jealous because of their previous relationship. To reassure her that he loves her, Deacon proposes and they marry after both Brooke and Hope try to stop the wedding.

3. Liam Spencer and Steffy Forrester

The relationship between Liam and Steffy started as a love triangle. Steffy wanted Liam while he was in a relationship with Hope, her step-sister and rival. After a rocky start and stop, Liam and Steffy ended up together with them marry twice. They are both emotionally scarred to say the least, but somehow this worked for them. Though Steffy used to live a pretty wild and carefree life, she ended up pregnant with Liam’s child and had to settle down. Though Liam almost married Hope, once he found out about the child, he married Steffy. Steffy ended up losing the child in a motorcycle accident, and blamed herself so much that it ended up breaking up their marriage. Steffy then left town for a period of time and when she came back, Liam was already involved with Ivy. Though Steffy still loved him, she couldn’t win him back.

2. Eric “Rick” Forrester Jr. and Maya Avant

Their relationship began with Rick meeting Maya and Dayzee’s. She was an aspiring actress and an ex-convict who had no idea that Rick was a Forrester. When he took her to a Forrester Creations boutique, she found out who he really was and became angry that he had kept that secret. He apologized and they started dating again, but ended up breaking up. Rick then went on to marry Caroline. Maya was engaged to Carter during Rick’s marriage to Caroline, but she still pined for Rick and the lifestyle he offered. This caused Carter to call off the engagement and Maya went after Rick with all she had. Eventually she managed to lure Rick away from Caroline and they ended up in bed together. They eventually got married and are now trying to have a baby using Maya’s sister Nicole as a surrogate.

1. Brooke Logan and Ridge Forrester

Brooke and Ridge met at a Forrester party that Brooke was helping to cater. She instantly felt the attraction to the handsome man, but he was already engaged to marry Caroline and she was engaged to David at the time. Through a series of events, they both ended up breaking off their engagements. Brooke, with help from Thorne, then seduced Ridge and became pregnant with his child. Ridge proposed to her but still had secret feelings for Caroline, so once Brooke miscarried Ridge broke it off. He then had a relationship with Caroline, but ended up married to Taylor who gave birth to his twin daughters. Brooke had an affair with Deacon and had his child — Hope. After Taylor was murdered, Brooke and Ridge found their way back to each other and had their child Ridge Junior. However, on their honeymoon, Brooke was communicating with Deacon and it ended the marriage.