One Tree Hill ‘RTTH’ Convention 2017: 14 Most Amazing Photos From The Cast


It doesn’t seem to matter how much time passes — One Tree Hill fans remains some of the most passionate and loyal out of any TV show fanbase. Despite there being five years since the beloved series ended its run after nine seasons, fans continuously flock to One Tree Hill conventions and reunions, and in turn many of the stars still participate in order to thank fans for their continuous support. In October, 2017, One Tree Hill fans and stars alike descended upon Wilmington, North Carolina, where the series was filmed, for EyeCon’s sixth annual “Return to Tree Hill” fan convention. Stars including James Lafferty, Antwon Tanner, Craig Sheffer, Stephen Colletti, Chad Michael Murray, Lee Norris, Bevin Prince and more showed up to the event and shared their own favorite photos from the reunion. Check out the 14 most amazing photos that they shared from the Return to Tree Hill convention:

14. The River Court Boys

As the convention kicked off, Antwon Tanner, best known as Skills Taylor on the hit series, shared a great photo of many of the stars. Tanner posed alongside Devin McGee (Xavier), Vaughn Wilson (Fergie), Michael Copon (Felix), and Colin Fickes (Jimmy) along with the heartwarming caption “River court boys #oth @eyecon3000.”

Antwon Tanner Instagram


13. Skills and Q

Quentin Fields may have only been a central character for 17 episodes of the series, but his story remains engraved in the minds’ of fans, and actor Robbie Jones, who starred as “Q,” also came out to the convention. Tanner shared a photo of himself with Jones, writing, “Me and Lil bro @robbiejonesonline #rtth @eyecon3000 aka big Q.”

Antwon Tanner Instagram

12. Chris, Mia, and Jake

One Tree Hill fans are well aware of what an important part music played in the series, and fans at the convention were not only graced with appearances by the stars, but with performances from some of them as well. Tyler Hilton, who of course played Chris Keller, performed at the convention and shared a photo of himself with two of the show’s other performers and stars. The photo features Hilton, Kate Voegele (Mia), and Bryan Greenberg (Jake), along with the caption, “Homies, home dawgs, and bros. What a weekend, what a show! @katevoegele @bryangreenberg #RTTH.”

Tyler Hilton Instagram

11. Skills, Chase and Q

As well as posing with Q, aka Robbie Jones, Tanner shared another adorable and hilarious photo of the duo along with Stephen Colletti, who played Chase Adams over the course of five seasons. Tanner captioned the photo with, “Me and the homies @stephencolletti @robbiejonesonline.”

Antwon Tanner Instagram

10. Nathan, Chase, and Skills

To the delight of fans, Nathan Scott himself showed up to the Return to Tree Hill convention. Those who follow James Lafferty on Instagram know he is quite entertaining and he kicked off the weekend with a hilarious photo of himself with Antwon Tanner and Stephen Colletti from a previous One Tree Hill convention. He jokingly wrote alongside the photo, which is decorated with “Go Ravens” and animated basketballs, “Rare BTS shot from last year’s summer blockbuster comedy ‘Three Men and a Banana.’ Filming the sequel this weekend. See everyone there.”

James Lafferty Instagram

9. The Dock

Even though he is currently busy with the release of his very first novel, even Chad Michael Murray was able to attend the event. While he didn’t share too many photos from the weekend, he did start it off with a gorgeous photo from the river dock where so many dates and important events took place on the show. The actor captioned the photo with, “‘Somebody told me that this is the place where everything’s better and everything’s safe.’ #OTH #HomeSweetHome @eyecon3000 @xoxoautumndawn.”

Chad Michael Murray Instagram

8. Skills and Keith

Uncle Keith is that you!? It is always exciting to see what main stars and supporting stars attend the convention, but over the years it has been very rare for Craig Sheffer who portrayed Keith Scott to participate. Luckily, Tanner provided us with proof that the actor was there even though he is barely recognizable! Tanner captioned a photo of the two of them together with, “Can’t forget about the big bro @craigshaffer aka Keith Scott. Lol.”

Antwon Tanner Instagram

7. Behind the Scenes Video

Although there weren’t as many videos shared at this convention in comparison to ones in the past, Tanner did provide one funny yet awkward behind the scenes video on his Instagram. While waiting in the green room, Tanner took the video around to say hi to Bevin Prince, James Lafferty, Lee Norris and Bryan Greenberg, who joked with Tanner that he needed a new phone. “Backstage with @bevinaprince @thisisjameslafferty @bryangreenberg #leenorris just chilling.”

6. Skills and Nathan

That’s a whole lot of basketball talent and handsomeness in one picture! Tanner made sure to grab a photo of himself with James Lafferty while hanging out backstage in between appearances, writing, “Me and Lil bro @thisisjameslafferty let’s get it.”

Antwon Tanner Instagram

5. Tyler Hilton and Michael Grubbs

Lafferty may have only shared just a few pictures from the Return to Tree Hill weekend, but they were all perfect. He posted another to his Instagram of Tyler Hilton and Michael Grubbs from the band Wakey Wakey backstage, captioning the photo with, “Thank you to every stellar OTH fan we saw this weekend. You all never cease to amaze me with your grace, kindess and enthusiasm. As a token of gratitude. I offer a picture of these two juicy love cherubs just living their lives yesterday. Sincerely hope you enjoy.” Hilton then reposted the photo, writing, “Draw us like one of your French girls James #RTTH.”

James Lafferty Instagram

4. Cast Photo #1

It is tradition for the stars who attend to try to get at least one cast photo, and every time Antwon Tanner makes sure to share them. This one features Michael Copon (Felix Taggarro), Michael May (Chuck), Stephen Colletti (Chase Adams), Robbie Jones (Quentin “Q” Fields), Craig Sheffer (Keith Scott), James Lafferty (Nathan Scott), Antwon Tanner (Skills Taylor), Bevin Prince (Bevin), and Lee Norris (Marvin “Mouth”McFadden). Tanner wrote alongside the great cast photo, “Cast photo came out good love these guys. #oth.”

Antwon Tanner Instagram

3. Bevin and Skills

One Tree Hill had a lot of romances and relationships to keep up with, and one of the most underrated of all was between Skills and Bevin. Together the pair were adorable, hilarious and had great chemistry, but they were always sidelined for Brooke, Lucas, Peyton, Haley and Nathan drama. It was nice to see Bevin Prince attend one of the events, and Tanner made sure to get a photo with his former on-screen love. “It’s @bevinaprince my tree hill partner in crime.”

Antwon Tanner Instagram

2. Cast Photo #2

If one major cast photo was good, than two is just great! Tanner made sure to share another cast photo, but this one included Chad Michael Murray (Lucas Scott). The second photo featured all of the stars who were in the first cast photo, just with the addition of Murray.

Antwon Tanner Instagram

1. The Bridge

Last but certainly not least, Murray shared another fantastic photo of a Tree Hill landmark. The actor went to the infamous opening credits bridge and the scene of many One Tree Hill critical moments and posed in front of the bridge. He captioned the photo with, “Who’s bridge? OUR BRIDGE! wonder how many [basketballs] have accidentally bounced off & are living down below… #OTH.”

Chad Michael Murray Instagram

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