One Tree Hill Return To Tree Hill Reunion 2017: 14 Most Amazing Photos


April 2017 marked five years since One Tree Hill aired its last episode after nine seasons, but even after all that time the fandom and love for the series has in no way died down. The cast has often opened up about how honored they are to be part of a show that impacted so many people and continues to receive so much support, and because of that they have had some of the biggest and most successful reunions and conventions of any series over the past five years. From May 5-7 2017, some of the cast once again reunited for the 2017 EyeCon Convention in Wilmington, North Carolina, where One Tree Hill was filmed for the third ever Return to Tree Hill reunion. While some big stars such as Bethany Joy Lenz, Hilarie Burton, Chad Michael Murray, and James Lafferty couldn’t make it, many more did, making for some amazing reunion photos! Check it out:

14. Chase and Clay

The EyeCon team, who hosts the reunions and events, had their own photo booth where the stars posed for photos with fans, and with each other! Still good friends, Stephen Colletti and Robert Buckley, aka Chase and Clay, posed for a hilarious picture together to kick off the weekend!


13. Skills, Sam and Taylor

Fans who keep up with the One Tree Hill conventions and reunions know that out of the entire cast Antwon Tanner, aka Antwon ‘Skills’ Taylor, is the one star who goes to every single event and shares the most photos on his personal Instagram account, giving fans a behind the scenes look at the reunions. “Skills” was at it again for the Return to Tree Hill 3 reunion, sharing this sweet photo of himself with Ashley Rickards (Sam) and Lindsay McKeon (Taylor).

12. Bryan Greenberg Performing

One Tree Hill definitely had some amazing actors and actresses, but quite a few were extremely talented singers as well, so needless to say that the weekend also included performances from Tyler Hilton (Chris Keller), Kate Voegele (Mia Catalano), and Bryan Greenberg (Jake Jaglieski). Antwon Tanner shared this video of Greenberg performing at the karaoke night!

Supporting my longtime friend and co-star @bryangreenberg aka BG #rtth3 #oth do ur thing fam

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11. The Girl Behind the Red Door

Over the many conventions and reunions of One Tree Hill, one of the most beloved stars has been able to attend very few, but Sophia Bush, who of course portrayed Brooke Davis, was able to make this one and shared an excellent Brooke Davis photo. Bush posted a photo of herself sitting on the front step of the Davis resident in front of the iconic red door.

Girl(s) in front of the red door #StoopKids #Seestrahs

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10. Clay and Taylor

Unsurprisingly, the fun began before the stars even landed in Wilmington. Ahead of the reunion weekend, Lindsay McKeon, Stephen Colletti, and Robert Buckley found themselves on the same flight to the event, so they took some fun photos to start the adventure.

LOOK WHO I FOUND!! @robertearlbuckley @stephencolletti @eyecon3000 #rtth3 #onetreehill #treehill

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9. Brooke and Sam

One of the biggest character developments for Brooke Davis was when she became a sort-of foster mother for troubled teenager Sam Walker, and fans couldn’t be happier that for the first time both actresses were able to attend a One Tree Hill reunion. Ashely Rickards shared an amazing photo of herself with Sophia Bush in front of the very excited crowd of fans who gathered to see their favorite OTH stars. “I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! Thank you!!! #OTH!!!” she captioned the picture.

I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!! Thank you!!! #OTH!!!

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8. Rivercourt Boys

Not much has been seen from some of the actors since their days on One Tree Hill, but it was very exciting to see that not only Skills, but Junk (Cullen Moss) and Vaughn Wilson (Fergie) were also able to attend, reuniting everyone’s favorite Rivercourt basketball players for a great photo.

#rtth3 my fam

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7. Taylor and Chase

After tracking down Robert Buckley on their flight to Wilmington, Lindsay McKeon then went and found Stephen Colletti for another travelling photo! “LOOK WHO I FOUND! @robertearlbuckley @stephencolletti @eyecon3000 #rtth3 #onetreehill #treehill” the actress captioned the photos.

6. The Crowd

Robert Buckley is always one of the most hilarious and upbeat stars to follow on social media and he didn’t disappoint for the reunion weekend. Buckley and co-star Stephen Colletti have remained really good friends since the series ended so it isn’t surprising they spent a lot of time together. Buckley shared this photo of himself and Colletti in front of the crowd of fans, adding the caption, “Stevey and his entourage.”

Stevey and his entourage.

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5. Quinn, Brooke and Clay

By season nine with the exit of Hilarie Burton and Chad Michael Murray as Peyton and Lucas, new stars were introduced and a new main cast formed including Shantel VanSanten as Quinn James and Robert Buckley as Clay Evans. VanSanten shared an adorable photo of herself and Buckley along with fan favorite star Sophia Bush, adding the hilarious caption, “Older. Wiser. But still taking pics on that school photo backdrop! #reunitedanditfeelssogood @sophsandwich #wolfpack #oth #family.”

4. Skills, Sam, and Taylor 

After Antwon Tanner shared the first photo of the weekend with Ashley Rickards and Lindsey McKeon, Lindsey went ahead and shared her own version of the photo. While Tanner looks the same, Sam and Taylor looked like they were ready to get the Tree Hill party started.

3. Quinn and Clay

Among some of the most adorable cast friendships to come out of the series, one of the best and closest has been between Robert Buckley and Shantel VanSanten who of course played the amazing couple of Clay and Quinn on the series. To the dismay of fans they really are just friends and aren’t dating in real life, but their friendship leads to some great behind the scenes photos. Buckley shared this “Clinn” photo of himself and VanSanten hanging out after a busy weekend. “Sundays, am I right” he captioned the funny picture.

Sundays, am I right?

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2. Skills, Brooke, Xavier and Jimmy

Along with Cullen Moss and Vaughn Wilson, who played Junk and Fergie, some other forgotten One Tree Hill stars also made an appearance for the convention. Antwon Tanner posted a great group photo of Sophia Bush (Brooke), Devin McGee (Xavier), Colin Fickes ( Jimmy Edwards) and himself hanging out backstage.

#rtth3 #oth what u know about that. @sophiabush @colinfickes @devinmcgee @therealshantel @robertearlbuckley

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1. Cast Photo

As is tradition, they were able to round up the cast who was able to attend the One Tree Hill reunion for a final cast photo. Robert Buckley shared the cast photo featuring Lindsey McKeon (Taylor), Shantel VanSanten (Quinn), Sophia Bush (Brooke), Robert Buckley (Clay), Brett Claywell (Tim), Ashley Rickards (Sam), Antwon Tanner (Skills), Michael Copon (Felix), and Stephen Colletti (Chase). He captioned the photo, “OTH (partial) family reunion.”

OTH (partial) family reunion.

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