One Tree Hill Eyecon “RTTH” October 2018 Reunion: 15 Most Amazing Photos


No matter how much time passes, fans will never get enough of One Tree Hill and its stars, and in return the stars share the love by going back to Wilmington, North Carolina for fan conventions which lead to amazing reunions for the actors and actresses who were costars for so long. From October 19 to 21 many One Tree Hill stars returned to Wilmington for Eyecon3000’s October 2018 Return to Tree Hill convention, and many great photos of the weekend have been shared! Check out the most amazing photos and videos of stars like Bethany Joy Lenz, James Lafferty, Chad Michael Murray and more reuniting:

15. Always & Forever

One of the biggest highlights of the October 2018 RTTH convention held by Eyecon was that two of the show’s biggest stars that made up One Tree Hill’s best couple were there! Both James Lafferty and Joy Lenz, aka Nathan and Haley James Scott, made their way back to Wilmington and the official Eyecon3000 Instagram page shared this photo of the two. They either just got off the plane or it was really early, and while they might look exhausted they also look happy to be reunited! Eyecon captioned the photo with “Don’t say I never gave you anything #OneTreeHill #OneWilmington #RTTH.”



14. Return to the Bridge

Eyecon also shared a photo of Chad Michael Murray, aka Lucas Scott, returning to the iconic Tree Hill bridge in Wilmington, North Carolina. It was exciting for Murray to be able to also make it to the convention and the photo was hilariously captioned, “If you look at this photo hard enough, you can almost hear @gavindegraw singing. Photo credit: @lynds09 #OneTreeHill #OneWilmington #RTTH.”


13. The Tree Hill Boys

While the stars of One Tree Hill returned for the show’s fan convention, they also made sure to do some charity work while back in Wilmington. Antwon Tanner, who played Skills Taylor, shared this photo of himself with Stephen Colletti (Chase Adams), James Lafferty (Nathan Scott) and Devin McGee (Xavier Daniels) all together again and sporting merchandise to raise money for relief efforts after Hurricane Michael. “In these Wilmington streets. Supporting the families that lost a lot during the hurricane. go support if u can. Building back our little second home #Wilmington #[email protected] @[email protected] @tylerhilton,” he shared.

Antwon Tanner/Instagram

12. Bethany Joy Lenz

Dan Scott and Haley James Scott might have had their differences on One Tree Hill, but in real life Paul Johansson and Joy Lenz have always been very close friends, and he couldn’t help but share a sweet video of the actress chatting with the hundreds of fans during her Q&A. “Joy in her moment. @[email protected] #onetreehill,” he captioned the video.


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Joy in her moment. @joylenz @joylenznews #onetreehill

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11. Musical Reunion

Kate Vogele rocked many episodes as Mia Catalano on One Tree Hill under the guidance of Haley James Scott, and the two actresses and musicians reunited at the convention! Voegele shared a photo of herself with Lenz, and another of herself with Michael May who played Chuck, but has become quite the musician now. “Amazing weekend in Wilmington seeing some of my faves and hanging with the always awesome #othfans! Thank you all for such a fun show last night. @joylenz sounded amazing and is #outfitgoals as always, and @itsmichaelmay our twinning tigers were pretty lit thanks to everyone who came to hang with us!” she captioned her photos from the weekend.


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10.  With the Fans

As many One Tree Hill fans know, James Lafferty and Stephen Colletti became the best of friends while filming and have remained best friends, even creating their own show together, and so they of course did their Q&A together. Afterward, Lafferty shared this photo of the two stars with the excited crowd behind them. “Another successful @eyecon3000. Thanks all you legends. We love you and we miss you already :),” he captioned the shot.

James Lafferty/Instagram

9. Return to Tree Hill

Michael May, who played Chuck Scolnik on One Tree Hill through 31 episodes, has become one of the biggest supporters of the show’s conventions and reunions, and is always happy to see his former costars again! May shared a photo of himself with two of the original Rivercourt boys: Vaughn Wilson (Fergie) and Cullen Moss (Junk). “Good 1st day with my folks, can’t wait to see you all at the concert tomorrow!!! #oth #othconvention#returntotreehill,” he wrote alongside the photo.

Michael May/Instagram

8. Haley and Nathan Silly

Joy Lenz only shared two photos from the convention weekend, but they were two of the very best. She shared a silly photo of herself with none other than her on-screen husband James Lafferty, writing, “Proof that @jameslafferty owns more than a blue plaid shirt. Good t’see ya Hubby. #wilmingtonnc.”

Bethany Joy Lenz/Instagram

7. Fun in Tyler Hilton’s Trailer

No convention is complete without the musical stylings of Tyler Hilton, aka Chris Keller, and fans got a real behind the scenes look at how the cast still goofs off together when Antwon Tanner shared a hilarious video from inside Hilton’s trailer. It looked like Hilton, Tanner, James Lafferty and Stephen Colletti were having a blast hanging out again! “Just another behind the scenes look at me and the boys @tylerhilton @stephencolletti @jameslafferty we do what we do,” he captioned the video.


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6. Lucas Scott

Chad Michael Murray only shared one post from the convention weekend but it was a heartfelt one. He shared a photo of himself standing in front of an iconic “Art Matters” heart on fire backdrop, and shared, “I’ve been so blessed to go on this journey with you all. It’s been 15 years since OTH started & I can only look back and tell you Thank You!!! I’m filled with so much gratitude & love. Thank You for years of rock solid, ass kicking, best fans in the world support. Enjoy Wilmington while you’re all in town. It’s our home. It’s also your home- The Safe Place- OTH. Cheers Friends. #WilmingtonNC #Eyecon#OTH @eyecon3000 @xoxoautumndawnphoto Cred- @alexdeliberto.”

Chad Michael Murray/Instagram

5. Cast Photo

Cast photos are always a highlight from any One Tree Hill reunion weekend, but this one is definitely one of the very best! Michael May shared this hilarious photo of many of the stars striking a silly pose, which featured James Lafferty (Nathan Scott), Michael May (Chuck), Antwon Tanner (Skills), Stephen Colletti (Chase Adams), Paul Johansson (Dan Scott) and Lindsey McKeon (Taylor James). “Fighting crime and kickin ass since 2003 #onetreehill #oth#othconvention,” he captioned the photo.

Michael May/Instagram

4. Scott Brothers

Eyecon also caught Chad Michael Murray and James Lafferty either just arriving or just waking up, but any photo with both Lucas and Nathan Scott in it is amazing! The photo was captioned, “Let’s do this, little brother #OneTreeHill #OneWilmington #RTTH.”


3. Skills and Taylor

Although Lindsey McKeon only appeared in a few episodes as Taylor James, she is always the first to sign up for conventions to continue to support the show and its fans. Antwon Tanner shared this adorable photo of the pair hanging out over the weekend, writing, “Me and the beautiful @mylindseymckeon waiting on this banquet #oth.”

Antwon Tanner/Instagram

2. Haley and Nathan Forever

The second photo that Joy Lenz shared from the weekend will have One Tree Hill fans smiling forever! After sharing her silly photo of herself with her on-screen husband James Lafferty, she shared another of the two adorably smiling. #Naleyforever.

Bethany Joy Lenz/Instagram

1. Cast Photo

Antwon Tanner can always be counted on to share the most and the best photos from any convention, and he shared this great one of most of the One Tree Hill cast attendees together. The photo features Paul Johansson (Dan Scott), Antwon Tanner (Skills), Chad Michael Murray (Lucas Scott), Joy Lenz (Haley James Scott), James Lafferty (Nathan Scott), Stephen Colletti (Chase Adams), and Lindsey McKeon (Taylor James). Tanner captioned the photo “Oth family” with six heart emojis.

Antwon Tanner/Instagram