One Tree Hill: 11 Greatest Photos From EyeCon Chicago Convention 2016


It doesn’t seem to matter how much time goes by since One Tree Hill last aired because fans remain just as loyal and passionate as ever about the series. Of course, it isn’t hard to understand why — One Tree Hill was fantastic, and kept fans hooked right through all of its nine seasons, not to mention, no matter where their careers have taken them, the stars continue to appreciate their fans. Every year, as many of the show’s cast comes together for as many One Tree Hill fan conventions as possible and, from November 11-13, many of the stars descended upon Chicago for EyeCon’s highly anticipated 2016 convention. As always the former co-stars and longtime friends shared many behind the scenes photos from what looked like an amazing weekend! Here are the 11 greatest:

11. Skills, Lucas and Quinn

Antwon Tanner shared most of the photos from the weekend, including a great one of Lucas Scott, Quinn James, and Skills aka Chad Michael Murray, Shantel VanSanten and himself! He captioned the photo: “#thtc @eyecon3000 me and the homies.”


10. Basketball Buddies

Ravens forever! Despite not being in the series as long as some of the others, Brett Claywell, better known to fans as Tim Smith, goes to as many fan conventions as he can. Antwon Tanner was able to grab this photo of three of everyone’s favorite buddies and basketball players, Nathan, Skills, and Tim aka James Lafferty, himself, and Brett Claywell. He simply captioned the photo, “#thtc squad.”

9. Remember Felix?

There were a few guest and recurring stars over One Tree Hill’s nine seasons, and one of the most memorable had to be Michael Copon as Felix Taggaro who really shook things up for the Tree Hill crew in season two. It was even Copon’s birthday weekend, but that didn’t stop him from celebrating with his former co-stars and fans. Antwon Tanner shared a photo with Copon, writing, “My karaoke partner @michaelcopon thanks for the help fam.”

8. Taylor and Skills

Although as many of the main stars as possible try to make the conventions, sometimes fans are surprised with guest stars, and even though she has not been to any convention recently, none other than Lindsey McKeon, aka Taylor James, was there. McKeon interacted with her former co-stars, and fans, and even helped sing the toaster pastry song with her on-screen sister Shantel VanSanten (Quinn James). Antwon Tanner shared a photo of himself with Lindsey, writing, “Love this girl. Such a sweetheart.”

7. Chase and Skills

When it comes to the “best friends” roles in the show, it is safe to say that Chase and Skills were the best. The two ended up getting bigger and bigger roles, and fans couldn’t be happier. Antwon Tanner shared this photo with Stephen Colletti, along with the caption, “The homie @stephencolletti joined the #beardgang #thtc.”

6. The Dream Team

As the seasons went on in One Tree Hill, characters such as Chuck, Chris, and Chase got bigger storylines, and it seems they remained just as good friends off-screen as they were on-screen. Michael May who portrayed Chuck throughout the series shared a hilarious photo of the three guys showing off their best karate moves along with the caption, “Dream team back together again #treehilltakeschicago.”

Dream team back together again #treehilltakeschicago   A photo posted by Michael May (@joemay54) on

5. Skills and Nathan

If fans can’t make any convention, they can always be assured that not only will Antwon Tanner (Skills Taylor) attend, he will take and post many awesome behind the scenes photos. One of his last was a great one with James Lafferty, captioned, “#thtc better pic of me and lil bro @thisisjameslaffery.” Two of everyone’s favorite Ravens!

4. All Grown Up

Michael May was only 9 years old when he first appeared on One Tree Hill as Chuck in 2008, and he has really grown up! The actor shared a photo hanging out with Stephen Colletti and James Lafferty, and now at 17, he no longer looks like a kid next to the guys. He captioned the photo, “Great to see these guys again! #treehilltakesChicago.”

Great to see these guys again! #treehilltakeschicago A photo posted by Michael May (@joemay54) on

3. With the Fans

As to be expected, a ton of fans came out to support their favorite TV show and its stars, culminating in an awesome group photo with the fans! Antwon Tanner shared the photo featuring himself, Stephen Colletti, Chad Michael Murray, and a ton of fans! “Thanks Chicago for coming out and supporting us. We love u. #chadmurray15 @eyecon3000 #thtc.”

2. Most Attractive Friends Ever

Although Bethany Joy Lenz (Haley James-Scott) couldn’t make the convention, her on-screen sister Shantel VanSanten (Quinn James) sure did. VanSanten ended up sharing an amazing photo of herself with Stephen Colletti (Chase), Chad Michael Murray (Lucas) and James Lafferty (Nathan) proving that the Tree Hill crew may have been one of TV’s most attractive friend groups ever! She hilariously captioned the photo, “Now that’s a MAN-wich!” and included the hashtag “#photoshopmeoutitsok.”

Now that’s a MAN-wich! @chadmurray15 @thisisjameslafferty @stephencolletti #othfamily #photoshopmeoutitsok   A photo posted by Shantel VanSanten (@therealshantel) on

1. The Scott Brothers

Last but certainly not least in terms of the amazing photos the cast shared over the weekend was one of the beloved Scott brothers. Fans witnessed Lucas and Nathan go through a lot over the six seasons Chad Michael Murray was in the show, but one thing is for sure, there is no way not to love them! Chad Michael Murray shared a photo with his on-screen brother (complete with a Stephen Colletti photobomb). He captioned the photo: “I think you all know this guy… @thisjamelafferty – still as kind as he is talented. Great seeing the whole crew this weekend. Yes that’s @stephencolletti photo bombing the background. Much love to all! #OTH #eyecon3000 #bestfansever.”