Ariana Grande Cuts It Close For Debut On U.K. TV Show

Pop star ARIANA GRANDE almost missed her debut appearance on live U.K. TV on Thursday (09Oct14) when she stopped to chat to fans in London and ended up stuck in a huge traffic jam.

The Problem hitmaker was scheduled as a guest on lunchtime chat show Loose Women but producers were sent into a spin when her aides contacted the studio to say they were running late.

She eventually arrived with minutes to spare and told viewers she had got delayed in a traffic jam in central London after stopping to sign autographs.

Grande said, “It’s kinda crazy out there. And I wanted to say hi to my fans too so I was late for multiple reasons, I’m not gonna lie. I’m sorry!”

During the interview, Grande happily posed for a ‘selfie’ photograph with presenter Nadia Sawalha, invented a fun new dance called ‘kwerking’ with co-host Gloria Hunniford, and also defended her racy stage costumes after some probing questions from journalist Jane Moore.

Grande insisted she is happy to peel off onstage, adding, “I think that, you know, you should be able to express yourself and dance however you like and make the music that you want to make and, you know, dress how you like and just let that be you expressing yourself.”

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