Days Of Our Lives: Sami Brady’s 6 Relationships Ranked From Worst To Best

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4. Brandon Walker

Brandon Walker was a good guy and had he hooked up with Sami a few years later then he did, these two lovebirds may have made it. However, Sami was still up to her scheming ways when she met and fell in love with Brandon. While the two did make it to the alter, Brandon annulled their marriage hours later after he found out she was blackmailing Lexie Carver to gain access and tamper with the hospital’s computer system.



3. Rafe Hernandez

Rafe and Sami met while Sami was in the witness protection program. He was an FBI agent watching over her and it seemed that the troubled Sami Brady had finally found the handsome knight and shining armour she desperately desired. Rafe was a stand-up guy and the two shared a wonderful relationship together. Unfortunately for Rafe though, Sami couldn’t shake the romantic hold E.J. DiMera had on her. Despite the fact that Rafe treated Sami like a queen and loved her kids as his own, Sami cheated on him with E.J. and ruined their relationship.

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