12 Male Celebrities Who Love To Wear Makeup


We’ve all heard of guy-liner and can probably name a few famous fellas who slay the gender bending look with a fierceness that we either adore or can’t help but admire. Frankly, a little eye makeup is just the beginning of the male celeb cosmetic spectrum. There’s eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick, and face powder (not to mention glitter, bronzer, highlighter, and nail polish) These are all part of the get-ready routine and red carpet prep for some of your favorite stars who just happen to be men. Check out these 12 male celebrities who love to wear makeup (and look pretty darn awesome while doing it).

12. Russell Brand

Russell Brand certainly likes to make a statement with his comedic ways and unhindered take on modern day politics, culture, and society at large. He also makes quite the statement with his hair that always appears to have been put through more teasing and subjected to more hairspray than an ‘80s glam rock star (though at the moment he’s embraced a routine that swaps between long lengthy curls and a tiny top knot man bun) and his signature eyeliner. Liking to give his eyes a little dark shading both above on his eyelids and (especially) below on his lower line, it’s almost strange to see Brand without his make up. Although, to be honest, he seems to be a heck of a lot more toned down these days… at least when it comes to the makeup and mile-high hair.

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11. Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert doesn’t just like to add a little guy-liner to his look, he goes for the full shebang. He may not have won while appearing on American Idol (to many fans’ disappointment), but he’s still found plenty of success in the biz, even taking his music around the globe, appropriately naming his first world tour Glam Nation. So perfect!

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10. Billie Joe Armstrong

From glam pop (i.e. Adam Lambert) to pop punk, Billie Joe Armstrong is another dude who likes to sit down in the makeup chair before he takes the stage. Although his look is a heck of a lot less elaborate than some of the other men on this list, the Green Day singer has been opting for messy, smudged, and even runny eyeliner for years now along with band mate and drummer Tre Cool. Also opting for nail polish (which, frankly, isn’t so unusual in the punk scene), we can’t imagine the Green Days boys without their added aesthetic flair.

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9. Brandon Flowers

There was a time when you would never see Brandon Flowers hit the stage or show up on the red carpet without eyeliner, mascara, and a whole lot of super shiny lip gloss. The Killers’ lead singer has toned things down slightly when it comes to makeup in the last couple of years, but that doesn’t mean we won’t always look back fondly on his perfectly pretty, deliciously done up Mr. Brightside days.

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8. Pete Wentz

Though Pete Wentz may be best known for being the bassist, lyricist, and backing vocalist for Fall Out Boy, he’s almost as recognized for his unique sense of style. Whether he’s wearing a black leather jacket with a shiny bow tie or a gym class hoodie along with a floppy hat, his outfits only seem to be outdone by his impeccably groomed hair (one of his signature styles even sparking a trend of similar looking musicians in the pop punk?… pop rock?… emo pop?… scene). And, of course, his look is never really complete without a dark dash of eyeliner and the occasional black glittery eyeshadow. Although if you look closely at his red carpet appearances, there are sometimes shades of other cosmetic additions.

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7. Dave Navarro

Whether you know Dave Navarro from his days in bands like Jane’s Addiction and The Red Hot Chili Peppers or whether you’re more familiar with the celeb from his hosting gig on Ink Master, fans of the rocker and tattoo aficionado will know well that he has a long enduring love of make up. Dark black eyeliner would most definitely be enough to accent his hazel brown eyes, but add some sultry shades of smoky grey or deep purple eyeshadow − not to mention his perfectly peaked eyebrows, meticulously groomed facial hair, and black painted nails − and Navarro becomes the epitome of the dark and seemingly dangerous rock star.

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6. A.J. McLean

The Backstreet Boys may have built their reputation back in the day as the adorable boys next door (one for every preference, obviously), but A.J. McLean has been determined throughout the years to distinguish himself as the one who is most likely to stand slightly apart from the group. Even today, as they enjoy a successful Las Vegas residency and thrill fans aboard pleasure cruises, A.J. is still making a statement with his style. AJ embraces denim, vests, fashionable glasses, and he’s certainly not afraid of trying out a wide range of hats and dark nail polish. Of course, it would almost be strange to see the singer up on stage or posing on the red carpet these days without dark liner both above and below his eyes. Ditching the thin line for a more all-over shaded look, there’s no denying that the little added touches give A.J. McLean a much more dramatic look.

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5. Jared Leto

Long before his days as The Joker in Suicide Squad, which obviously saw him take on a full face of makeup to transform himself into the villainous character, Jared Leto morphed from a blue eyed high school heartthrob to a bonafide rock star by adding a little eyeliner to his look. As an A-list actor and the lead singer of Thirty Seconds to Mars, Leto seems to like to morph from classic movie star (i.e. no makeup) into extreme rock star (i.e. with makeup) by using the simple addition of some eyeliner and perhaps some dark-as-night eyeshadow. Although, to be honest, the makeup is probably the least striking part of Jared Leto’s on-stage look.

4. Johnny Depp

While most of the men on our list are musicians, singers, and rock stars − a group who are seemingly more willing to try on a little (or a lot) of make up − Johnny Depp is definitely known more for his acting skills than for his guitar playing talent (though he is a part of a ‘supergroup’ with Alice Cooper and Joe Perry called Hollywood Vampires). And while he may have indulged in the cosmetics way back when he appeared as Edward Scissorhands and more recently (and more dramatically) while starring as the epic Jack Sparrow from The Pirates of the Caribbean, it seems as if he was fond of the way the liner brought out his eyes, because he’s been slapping it on for pretty much every industry appearance and major magazine interview since.

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3. Robert Smith

Robert Smith has been charming fans with his moody, morose, and oddly uplifting music as part of The Cure since back in the mid ‘70s. And while the rocker is now in his late 50s, he’s still taking the stage to belt out “Boys Don’t Cry” and “Friday I’m In Love” with massively teased hair, a ghostly pale face, thick black eyeliner, and a smear of blood red lipstick across his lips. If ever anyone was a haunted doll come to life, it’s undeniably Robert Smith. Surely the inspiration for many young musicians, emo punks, goths, and rebels (including plenty of those on this list, no doubt), Robert Smith will always be a classic makeup loving rock star.


2. Steven Tyler

Dudes these days may feel like they’re being outrageous and edgy by wearing a little makeup, but frankly, it’s nothing new and there are plenty of trailblazers in the biz that younger guys can thank for making makeup something that’s for both women and men. Whenever Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler sings “Dude Looks Like a Lady,” he totally could be referring to himself. His long locks, penchant for scarves, and love of dark eyeshadow (and maybe even some blush to accentuate those enviable cheekbones?) are all part of his signature look.

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1. Marilyn Manson

There are male celebs who rock a little guy-liner or nail polish every now and then and then there’s Marilyn Manson who takes goth to a whole new level! There’s nothing this “shock rocker” is not willing to try, from ghostly (and super creepy) white powder to deep crimson red lipstick. Though that description seems more than a little weak when you actually see the nightmarish results of his efforts. Basically using his face as a canvas to continue his all-encompassing (and always startling) art, he’s certainly a celeb we can’t imagine without his makeup!