10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sarah Jessica Parker And Matthew Broderick’s Relationship

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The Hollywood dating pool is very small and there are many celebrity couples constantly in the spotlight, but not all. Despite the individual popularity and fame of both Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, together the pair live a very low-key life and are rarely in the headlines. Twenty years together is an amazing feat for any couple but it is almost unheard of in Hollywood which only sets the couple even further apart from the rest. She may have been the man-crazy Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City, but in real life she is a one-man type of woman, so get to know the adorable duo better with these 10 things you never knew about Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick and their relationship!

10. How They Met

In the mid-90s to the early ’90s, Sarah Jessica Parker dated known party animal Robert Downey Jr. but after that relationship ended, those close to her knew she wanted something much more stable. Shortly after her split, Parker’s brother introduced her to Matthew Broderick in 1992 when he was directing Broderick in a play at the time. Three months after the introduction, Broderick finally phoned Parker and asked her out on a date. They then went to a small Manhattan cafe where he said she “talked a mile a minute,” and she said, “He just stared at me. It was like I was on a talk show. I started telling goofy stories.” The pair began dating immediately after and things got serious fast.

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9. Broadway Love

It isn’t uncommon for actors to fall for each other, but Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker’s connection goes beyond the big or small screen. After meeting while Broderick was starring in a play directed by Parker’s brother, Parker has starred in five Broadway shows while Broderick has been in 13. In 2015 Broderick even starred in the Broadway production of Sylvia which Parker originally starred in back in 1995 when it first opened.

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