10 Things Only The Biggest Y&R Fan Would Know

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8. Judith Chapman Before She Was Gloria

Who doesn’t love the work Judith Chapman does on the show playing the dynamic role of Gloria Abbott? Longtime fans will recall this wasn’t the first time Chapman stepped into a role on the Y&R. Years back, she filled in as Jill Abbott for Jess Walton for some days while the actress was dealing with an illness.

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7. Longest-Existing Character?

Can you answer this question without having to really think about the answer? Some may think it’s Victor, but the truth is that Jill Abbott is currently the longest-existing character on the show. Abbott made her debut on the Y&R in 1973 and was originally portrayed by Brenda Dickson, then Bond Gideon, Deborah Adair, Melinda O. Fee, and finally Jess Walton. While Walton isn’t the first to play Jill, she certainly has been the best. She entered the role in 1987 and is still playing the legendary character today.

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