10 Popular Soap Operas Couples Ranked From Worst To Best


The land of daytime drama is all about the love! It’s true soap opera fans like a good adventure, murder mystery, or corporate scandal, but romance does rule the roost. Alas, there have been many a super couples to grace the screens of our favorite soaps. But how do these duos fare overall? Below is a list of ten popular soap opera super couples ranked.

10. DOOL’s Abigail Deveraux and Chad DiMera

These two would be considered a fairly newer super couple when compared to others on this list, and while Chabby may be young, they have still experienced their fair share of drama. They hooked up in their earlier years and have been on-again/off-again since. While they aren’t together currently, they share a son and a ton of romantic memories. Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans could probably bet the farm on Abigail and Chad reconnecting at some point in the future.

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9. Y&R’s Sharon and Nick Newman

They are currently in the “friends zone” because Nick is currently romantically linked to Chelsea while Sharon is dabbling in a little romance with Scott. These two have a ton of history together as high school sweethearts who eventually tied the knot and have gone from mortal enemies, to friends, and on-again-off-again lovers. While there are plenty Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans who would love to see these two back together, there are those who think Sharon and Nick should stay as far away from each other as possible. Can they do that in the long run? Only time will tell…


8. GH’s Carly and Sonny Corinthos

General Hospital (GH) fans have been pulling for Carly and Sonny to make it the long haul this time around, but there are many downfalls in their relationship too. They seem pretty made for each other. They both get jealous whenever the other hooks up with someone else, they share a family, and they have a ton of chemistry in the bedroom! Sadly, they are also terribly toxic when things go wrong which happens all the time. The good times never really last for this super couple and they have a crazy love/hate relationship.

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7. Sami Brady and E.J. DiMera

Speaking of love/hate, the number seven spot for this list belongs to Sami Brady and E.J. DiMera. Couples don’t generally go around plotting the demise of their spouse, but these two take the cake when it comes to scheming against each other. They share a ton of onscreen chemistry and love. At the end of the day, when the going gets tough, these two cling on to each other for dear life. Sadly, E.J. passed away in 2014, but with online reports indicating that Sami Brady is set to return to Salem. Here’s hoping that a DOOL writer out there can figure out how to resurrect E.J. from the dead. While they can be toxic at times, they do equal magic on daytime screen.


6. Y&R’s Drucilla and Neil Winters

Neil hasn’t been the same since the love of his life Drucilla died in the mid-2000s. He’s had relationships since, but none have had the same ‘spark’ that he had with Dru. They light up daytime screens during their heyday in the ‘90s and while they did have their fair share of struggles, including an awkward love triangle with his brother, Neil. Dru and Neil are simply magical together.

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5. GH’s Sam and Jason Morgan

There is no hotter couple on GH right now than JaSam. The happy couple has turned down the heat a notch and turned up the domestic, raising two young children and co-parenting little Jake. While over the years they have endured affairs, secrets, fertility issues, and other drama, many GH fans love the fact that these two are happily together…for now.

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4. DOOL’s Kayla and Steve Johnson

As much as things have changed in Salem over the years, they have also managed to stay the same. Who was the hottest Days’ super couple in the late 1980s? Steve and Kayla! Who’s the hottest now? Well … Patch and his Sweetness, of course! They have a beautiful romance that exceeds the limits of time and while they have been through a lot with more drama on the horizon, DOOL fans know, they’ll get through it and still be stronger than ever.

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3. Y&R’s Lauren and Michael Baldwin

It can’t be a shocker that the Y&R’s Lauren and Michael have hit number three on this list. They create magic on screen every time they look into each other’s eyes. They’ve also been through a lot over the years, and while things have gotten bumpy for them, they’ve managed to stay together. What’s their secret to sustaining a 12-year marriage (in the land of soaps)? Communication, keeping the romance alive, and a beautiful friendship.

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2. GH’s Laura and Luke Spencer

How can Luke and Laura not hit number two? The most-watched soap opera episode in American history was the day they wed in November 1981. The two placed a huge spotlight on daytime dramas and super couples when they connected in the 1980s and are often a measuring stick when it comes to soap opera couples. Luke and Laura are legendary daytime drama characters, but together, they are iconic.

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1. DOOL’s Julie and Doug Williams

There would be no ‘Luke and Laura’ had there not been a Doug and Julie. Years before L&L blew up the soap opera world, this number one couple were heating things up in the land of Salem. They even hit Time Magazine’s cover in January 1976 – the first and last time a soap character would accomplish this feat, to date. Life imitates art and it’s no surprise that DOOL fans still love Doug and Julie … they are a real-life married couple, who have managed to pull off a successful relationship for over 40 years now.

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