10 Most Popular General Hospital Couples Ranked Worst To Best


The land of Port Charles has created some amazing couples over its 50 plus years in existence. Some have provided incredible love stories and romantic adventures, while others have formed toxic relationships based solely on attraction and manipulation. Below is an overview of the 10 most popular General Hospital (GH) couples ranked from worst to best:

10. Lucy Coe and Tony Jones

Rewinding through Port Charles history, we found one of the worse pairings ever on GH — Lucy Coe and Tony Jones. Their relationship was initially set up by Lucy’s aunt Charlene in the late ‘80s, and it was a disaster from the get-go. She was a manipulative gold digger and he was a good, reliable, doctor (and single dad to B.J. at the time) who always did the right thing. Taken by Lucy’s sex appeal, Tony fell hard for her, but he really was only infatuated by her. Thankfully, Lucy screwed it all up by cheating on him and this allowed for a romantic relationship to evolve between him and his friend Bobbie Spencer.


9. Lucy Coe and Alan Quartermaine

The bad news is, Lucy partook in many terrible relationships during her early days because she was simply driven by the all-mighty dollar. Her relationship with Alan Quartermaine was awful, especially since she worked so hard to drive a wedge between him and the love of his life, Monica. She was able to ruin that relationship fast and Alan and Lucy were quickly on the road to marital bliss. As terrible as their couple status was, the only entertaining aspect was their mockery of a wedding in 1990, with Lucy’s infamous red dress get-up. The over-the-top red hat she wore along with the hideous outfit took the cake. Not surprisingly, Lucy managed to mess up that relationship too when she had an affair with on-and-off BFF, Scotty Baldwin.

8. Ava Jerome and Morgan Corinthos

This May-December relationship had quite the spark, but was wrapped up in lies and manipulations. For one reason or another, Morgan was quite smitten with his ex-girlfriend’s mom, while Ava was just smitten with herself. The relationship was wrapped in lies and deceit, and at one point during their hook up, Ava pretended to be “Delia.” Morgan took the bait and these two were a couple that couldn’t seem to keep their hands off each other. Thankfully, Morgan smartened up in the end and severed all ties with her.

7. Hayden Barnes and Nikolas Cassadine

Lies, deceit, and blackmail … a great way to start a relationship, right? Hayden and Nikolas had plenty of chemistry during their time together, but were incredibly toxic. While they “fell in love” and were headed to the alter quite quickly, their marriage fell apart even quicker. It’s never a good sign when a husband hires a private investigator shortly after he marries his bride. Alas, Nikolas has passed away (or has he?), with Hayden barely batting an eyelash over the entire situation. She has since nicely moved on with Dr. Hamilton Finn.

6. Brenda Barrett and Sonny Corinthos

Hitting the middle of the list is a couple some GH fans adore, but others hate. Brenda Barrett caught the eye of Sonny Corinthos in 1993 and really shook the mobster’s world. These two have undeniable chemistry together and have shared an amazing romance over the years, but they’ve never really been able to manage the entire ‘commitment’ thing. Timing has always been a huge issue in their relationship, as well as Sonny’s ‘mobster’ career. While they have been good together at moments in time, they’ve never really been able to make it work.

5. Carly and Sonny Corinthos

Some GH fans who don’t like seeing Brenda and Sonny together have a big reason for this, and that’s because they prefer seeing Sonny with Carly. These two have quite a history together and while at times they can be toxic (especially in their younger days), over the years their relationship has evolved into something a little more stable. Their chemistry is there, but Sonny’s mobster ways and Carly’s lies have always placed a wedge between their happiness. Lately a young girl named Nelle seems to be a terrible distraction for the two. Will this couple survivor her manipulative ways? If history dictates the future, then it seems that Carly and Sonny will probably work through the Nelle issue over time.

4. Emily and Nikolas Cassadine

If GH brings Nikolas back from the dead, here’s hoping there is a way they can figure out how to bring Emily back too. Emily and Nikolas shared a beautiful love affair when they started off as friends and then things turned romantic. Sure, they were on and off at times, but what young soap opera couple isn’t? Sadly, Emily passed away in 2007 as a victim of the Text Message Killer, and while Nikolas has moved on over the years, he’s never shared a genuine love like the one he had with Emily. If he does come back, here’s hoping he can find a romantic partner who can really challenge him … in a good way!

3. Lulu and Dante Falconeri

It’s always great to see couples that endure their ups and downs, only to come back stronger than ever. Lulu and Dante have dealt with pregnancy issues, affairs, babies stolen from them, missing embryos, and now they have children that are popping out of nowhere. They also have Cassadines coming at them left, right, and center. These two have love, communication, passion, and share a spark unlike many other couples in the land of Port Charles. They remain to be a fan favorite that most GH audience love to watch.

2. Sam and Jason Morgan

Affectionately know as JaSam to some avid GH fans, this couple has shared an incredible love story over the past ten years and still manage to stay together through affairs, pregnancy issues, a break up (or two), and plenty of adventure, not to mention that time when we all thought Jason died and it turned out he didn’t. Coming back from the dead was hard on the couple, but once Jason realized who he was, it didn’t take long for these two to pick up from where they left off. Now, they are on their way to adding another member to the Morgan clan — here’s hoping Olivia Jerome doesn’t get in the way of their happily ever after.

1. Laura Webber and Luke Spencer

No surprise here, right? Luke and Laura top this list as the best couple on General Hospital — ever! It’s been over 30 years since their wedding aired and this super couple’s still holds the record as the most-watched U.S. soap opera episode of all time. Thirty million people can’t be wrong and no other soap opera couple (wedding or not) has been able to top this record. Why? Luke and Laura were a timeless story about how two completely opposite individuals can come together and create romantic magic. Despite the fact that their wedded bliss did not last, fans still adore this couple together, and a future union would have GH fans’ reeling. Laura and Kevin Collins are awesome together, but there is nothing like the love affair Laura and Luke shared.