10 Most Hilarious Reactions From 50 Cent’s Bankruptcy Filing

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If 50 Cent is filing for bankruptcy does that mean he is dead? He is after all the celebrity who consistently proported the saying, “Get Rich or Die Tryin'” but failed to live by his own words. While people are usually sympathetic towards those who have to file for bankruptcy, it is less so for celebrities as it is hard to feel for somehow who had millions but lost them for one reason or another. Now when your public name is 50 Cent on top of everything else, it is literally just fodder for ironic, sarcastic and definitely funny responses from the media and of course social media users at large. Sorry 50 Cent, you just made this joke way too easy.

10. Headline: “50 Cent Doesn’t Have Two Quarters To Rub Together, Files For Bankruptcy.” Yes, even we here at Fame10 could not resist the temptation to take advantage of the irony.

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7. Headline: “Rapper 50 Cent is centsless: Rapper declares Bankruptcy.” Courtesy of Fox News.


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5. Headline: “50 Cent says he is not worth a dime.” Courtesy of Financial Times.

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