10 Days Of Our Lives Couples Ranked From Worst To Best

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8. Maggie Horton and Victor Kiriakis

These two are proof that love and super couple status can occur at any age. While Maggie did have an incredible love affair with Mickey Horton, she certainly has something special with the Greek tycoon. They came together later in life, and after having to deal with the insane Vivian Alamain, Maggie and Victor said ‘I do’ in 2011. While Victor has always been a hard nose, there is definitely a softer side to him now that he is with Maggie.

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7. Nicole Walker and Brady Black

The beauty of this relationship is that regardless of whether Nicole is making good life choices or not, Brady has always accepted her for who she is. He’s also been a friend to her when no one in Salem was and always supported her through the many ups and downs in her life. While things seem a bit crazy right now for Nicole and Brady, these two have a great chemistry, a strong bond and lots of love.

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