Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (September 2, 2019)


Eric’s heart will fill with joy when he reunites with Nicole and Sarah’s heart will be filled with dread when she takes a pregnancy test this week on Days Of Our Lives (DOOL). Also, a mother and son reunion will take place and Julie will be fighting for her life in hospital. Plus, a sneak peek at next week. Learn more on what will happen to the residents of Salem in the DOOL spoilers for the week of September 2, 2019.

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9. Ben And Ciara Rush To Help

Ben and Ciara will find Julie passed out on the floor at Doug’s Place this week. Although they will be shocked, they will rush to her aid and try to wake her up. When that doesn’t work, Ciara will call 911. Cin will stay with Julie, hoping for the best but fearing the worst. Then later in the week, Ciara and Julie’s husband Doug will sit vigil at her hospital bedside. And Kayla will deliver bad news to Hope and Eli about her condition.

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8. Lani And Eli Fuming

After finding out that Gabi witnessed Julie’s collapse and just walked away, rumor has it that Lani and Eli will be fuming and Lani will let Gabi have it. Julie had a health crisis in late 2018 after battling Gabi. She fell down a flight of stairs, and most people blamed Gabi for it. Viewers can expect Lani to ream Gabi out for her most recent bad behavior this week.

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7. Deadly Objective

Brady will offer Ciara at job at Titan Industries and she’ll be suspicious and wonder why this job offer seems to come out of nowhere. Around the same time, Victor will order Xander to carry out a hit on Ben. Will offering Ciara a job be Victor’s suggestion and possibly a way to keep her preoccupied while Xander does his dirty work?

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6. Mother And Son Reunion

Stefan will be reunited with his mother Vivian Alamain this week. Eric will encounter her in Chicago and although she won’t be much help in the search for Nicole, she will return to Salem. Stefan will at first be shocked, but then overjoyed to see his beloved mother. Gabi, on the other hand, will view Vivian’s return as nothing but trouble.

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5. Kate Comes Face To Face With Vivian

Kate will once again encounter another person who has come back from the dead. Last time it was Tony, but this time it’s much worse – it’s her arch enemy Vivian. She will be terrified when she sees that Vivian is back – and with deadly intentions. Viewers will remember that Vivian “died” after Kate killed her. Spoilers indicate Vivian will turn the tables and will try to murder Kate. But will Kate survive her enemy’s attack?

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4. Ben Saves Eric

Other DOOL spoilers tease that Eric will arrive at a townhouse in Chicago, looking for Nicole and Holly. He’ll find Holly’s blanket, so he’ll know she had been there. Eric will be overcome with emotion; however, it won’t last long, as suddenly he’ll be held at gunpoint by one of Kristen’s henchmen. But hero Ben will save the day, knocking the guard out and protecting Eric from certain death.

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3. Nicole And Holly Are Alive

Eric is hoping against hope that what Kristen told him was true – Nicole and Holly are alive. After surviving being held at gunpoint, he will head to a farmhouse and find his true love Nicole there. “The first time they see each other, it’s just a very emotional pull of like ‘You’re okay and this is the real Nicole,’” Greg Vaughan (Eric) told Soap Opera Digest. “It’s almost like he has to touch her to feel that it’s real and not an illusion or his imagination.” Spoilers tease the real Nicole will return to DOOL on September 6.

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2. Sarah Takes A Pregnancy Test

It won’t be all wine and roses for Eric and Nicole. Spoilers show that at about the same time Eric is reuniting with the love of his life Nicole, Sarah will be taking a pregnancy test. Rumor has it, she will be pregnant. So, who’s the daddy? Last month, Sarah went directly from her husband Rex’s bed to his brother Eric’s in the space of about an hour. So, who is the father? And how will she break the news to Eric?

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1. Sneak Peek – Week Of September 9

It looks like Nicole will head back to Salem and she’ll have an epic confrontation with Kristen next week. She’s furious that Kristin held she and Holly hostage and, even worse, she impersonated her around Salem for months. Also, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and Eve will be on the warpath. She wants to ruin any chance Jack has at happiness and she’ll do whatever it takes to accomplish that. Also, Brady will fight his desire for Kristen. Will he give in to the villainous temptress? Stay tuned!

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