10 Things To Know About The New Docu-Series ‘Jillian & Justin’

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8. The First Episode

The very first episode features the birth of Leo and according to Jillian the whole thing was crazy and hectic, but she wouldn’t change a thing! “I said ‘Okay, everyone get in the car,’ so everyone piled in the car and went down to the hospital…it was totally awesome, I would have never, ever changed it for the world – it was like the coolest delivery.” They headed to the hospital with about 15 people in tow — her dad, cousin, makeup artist, two cameramen, a sound guy, a director, a producer and about five doctors. “[There’s] 15 people in the room, all talking, all laughing, asking questions and it sounds overwhelming but looking back it’s exactly the way my labor would go. Chaotic and hilarious,” she joked.

Courtesy Jillian Harris


7. What Else Can Fans Expect to See?

The show starts off with a pregnant Jillian juggling all kinds of stuff like her charity initiatives, clothing line, jewelry line and a long distance relationship with Justin between Vancouver and Kelowna. After the arrival of Leo things got even more hectic which is exactly what fans can expect to see on the show. “We went through SO MUCH over this last year and we we’re so happy to have most of it caught on camera. Fans can expect to see our highs, our lows, moments of joy, laughs, tears and everything else in between. We are a regular family going through everything that life is throwing at us and handling it the best we can, all while learning more and more about us as a family along the way!” she told Fame10.

Courtesy of Jillian Harris